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Horse Tracks 2/23/09


DP - Mike Klis breaks down the Broncos' transition to the 3-4.

DP - Terry Frei profiles the nose tackle of the Orange Crush, Rubin Carter. interviews Tom Jackson.

TSN - More on filling a roster to play the 3/4.

Rick Tuten has a new intern.

DP - Bill Belichick chimes in on Mike Shanahan and Josh McDaniels.

SI - Don Banks presents some more Combine notes.

SI - Peter King offers his take on free agency and the upcoming Draft.

Yahoo - Charles Robinson tallies his winners and losers at the Combine.

The Boston Herald would like to know why Bill Belichick hired Scottie O'Brien. Wouldn't we all?

Arizona has reportedly offered Kurt Warner more than $10 million per year to stay.

Marvin Harrison could get released by the Colts.