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Horse Tracks 2/25/09


DP - The CO Supreme Court told Edgar Kaiser they don't want to hear his case against Pat Bowlen, ending his effort to regain the Broncos' ownership.

RMN - The Broncos told their soon-to-be unrestricted free agents they would not be re-signed before tomorrow's midnight deadline. Plus, Karl Paymah thinks he should be a starting cornerback. So don't expect him back...

DP - Mike Klis writes about the possibility of Denver drafting a running back.

RMN - Rasizer and Legwold answer emails about the Broncos regarding free agency and the draft, their organizational structure and their young defensive linemen.

RMN - Lee Rasizer says the Broncos will be getting free agent help for the secondary. He also gives us an update on Ryan Torain's rehab progress.

ESPN - John Clayton highlights 5 free agents who are flying under the radar. Of course, they haven't eluded MHR's eye.

DP - McDaniels and Co. have a lot of work ahead of them.

NFP - Here's Mike Lombardi's take on the linebackers about to hit free agency.

Yahoo - In case you missed it, Michael Silver thinks the NFLPA should stick up for Michael Vick.

SI - Here's Peter King's Tuesday Mailbag. He mentions Jay Cutler's influence on Matthew Stafford.

The Chefs cut Donnie Edwards, Damon Huard and Patrick Surtain on Tuesday.

DP - The accused killer of Darrent Williams was found to have a homemade knife in his jail cell.

The Denver Sports Examiner offers their take on the Broncos' roster needs.

The Dallas Morning News tells of the NFL's African-American pioneers, including the Broncos' Marlon Briscoe.

ESPN - If you've got ESPN Insider, here's the Scouts Inc. take on free agency gems. Also, their buyer-beware and worthy investments. Remember, Keith Kidd has moved from Scouts Inc. to run the Broncos' pro scouting, so it's worth a look...