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Friday Free Agent Thread #3

This is Ted Bartlett, and I have the Deck.  It's been an eventful day, with more to follow.

At 6 PM ET, this is what we think we know.

Verified Broncos Signees

Lonnie Paxton LS New England

Jabar Gaffney WR New England

Renaldo Hill S Miami

Correll Buckhalter RB Philadelphia

JJ Arrington RB Arizona


Reported Broncos Signees

Brian Dawkins S  Philadelphia

David Anderson WR Houston (Offer Sheet)


Other NFL News

It has been reported on Tampa area TV that the Tampa Bay Bucs will acquire Matt Cassel for this years first round pick (#19 overall) and a conditional pick in 2010. (hat tip to Broncodude793)


Join us in the open thread, and we'll keep you updated as the evening goes on.