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Friday Free Agency Thread #4--Are Things Winding Down? Are We Going to Sign Dawkins?

The biggest news, or non-news if you prefer, so far has to be the agreement-to-terms of FS Brian Dawkins.  Hopefully this isn't a case of just trying to get contract leverage, but you never know...

How things stand:


Verified Broncos Signees

  • Lonie Paxton LS New England
  • Jabar Gaffney WR New England
  • Renaldo Hill S Miami
  • Correll Buckhalter RB Philadelphia
  • JJ Arrington RB Arizona


Reported and/or High Interest Broncos Signees

  • Brian Dawkins S  Philadelphia [update:  Philadelphia news sources are now reporting he has signed with Denver.  Hopefully we see some contract info soon...]
  • David Anderson WR Houston (Offer Sheet)
  • Tentative agreement has been reached with Darrel Reid, DT and special teams standout for the Colts.  shakenbake from Stampede Blue added this great memory:  "I forgot probably the most awesome point about what a great player and guy he is obviously he’s a fixture on special teams like I said before. This season after the kick/punt coverage teams had struggled and been terrible pretty much for the entire last 5 years, Reid started calling extra special teams meetings. Not the (now no longer with the team) ST coordinator. Reid took it upon himself to bring the rest of the coverage teams into extra meeting time to get their [stuff] together (that along with an overhaul of about half the coverage team got Indy to respectable in kick/punt coverage)"

  • Andra Davis, ILB, from Cleveland is apparently getting the "serious" treatment.
  • DT Ronald Fields, from San Francisco.


NFL News 

I'll be in and out of the thread all evening.  Keep on keeping on, Bronconation!