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Jay Cutler involved in trade discussions?

Say what you want about the MSM, Adam Schefter is as plugged in to the NFL, and specifically the Denver Broncos, than anyone, anywhere.  When he says something I tend to at least perk up my ears.  That's why his story about the Broncos possibly talking a Jay Cutler trade with the Detroit Lions and Tampa Bay Bucs is so intriguing.

While I have little doubt that that Lions approached the Broncos, and I have little doubt that the Broncos "entertained" the thought, as Schefter says, I do have some doubt that the Broncos would have ever made such a deal.  Let's face it, Matt Cassel is a nice quarterback, but he is not Jay Cutler....PERIOD.

I know Cassel had some success in New England last year, and I know he is familiar with Josh McDaniels offense. It takes more than that to make me trade my franchise quarterback.  Let's not forget that the Patriots drafted a QB last year(Kevin O'Connell to essentially replace Cassel, and there was some question if Cassel would even make the Patriots out of Training Camp.  Cassel did guide the Patriots to an 11-5 record, but he struggled mightily against good defensive teams(Indianapolis, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Miami) and I think the folks in Kansas City are about to find out that Cassel may not even be as talented as the guy they are replacing Tyler Thigpen.

I have had my beefs with some of Cutler's antics, and I have questioned his play at times.   There is NO DOUBT, however, that Jay Cutler has the talent to be one of the top 3 or 4 quarterbacks in the game.  Cassel, by being named a starter, is one of the best 32, by default, but on a bad team, with bad talent, and questionable coaching, I seriously doubt he will take that next step.

I know Cutler's feathers were likely ruffled by hearing these "rumors", but the fact is, every player, on every team, is discussed at some point.  It doesn't mean there were any type of negotiations, or that the Broncos didn't simply hang up on the Lions.  Cutler should know the game, and fret not.  He is going to be a Denver Bronco for a long time.

Hat Tip to dgalvan42 in the Fanposts