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Free Agency Open Thread -- Latest on Cutler, Derrick Ward to visit

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Use this thread to talk about any late breaking news regarding the Broncos.  Here is the latest on everything Orange and Blue --

Done Deals -

  • Houston Texans WR David Anderson* (restricted offer sheet)
  • Philadelphia Eagles RB Correll Buckhalter
  • New England Patriots WR Jabar Gaffney
  • Miami Dolphins S Renaldo Hill
  • New England Patriots LS Lonie Paxton
  • Indianapolis Colts DT Darrell Reid.
  • Philadelphia Eagles S Brian Dawkins
  • Cleveland Browns LB Andra Davis

    *Texans have 7 days to match the offer to Anderson.  If they do not, the Broncos will send a 7th Round pick to the Texans

Deals That Are Close, but Not Quite Done --

  • Arizona Cardinals RB J.J. Arrington -- This deal could be dead after some issues with the language.  The Broncos are bringing in RB Derrick Ward on Sunday.

Latest on Jay Cutler -- 

This story isn't going to die anytime soon though no one seems to mention that the other two teams that would have been involved in a 3-team deal - New England and Tampa - would have jumped at the details as we know them.

Tampa would have taken Cutler in a heartbeat and New England ended up getting only a 2nd rounder for Cassel.  Why turn down the #19 pick?  Or the #12 pick?

It doesn't make sense.  The only team that would have said no was the Broncos, and they did.  Did they answer the phone?  Sure.  Did it go any further?  Not a chance.

Oh, one more thing, the "source close to the Broncos" that keeps informing the "Broncos Insiders" at the various news outlets needs to seriously shut the hell up!

Here are some links --

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Latest Free Agency News --

  • The Broncos aren't done, either.  They will meet today with Dolphins CB Andre Goodman.  Goodman, 30, started all 16 games for the Dolphins last season.
  • Giants RB Derrick Ward will visit Denver on Sunday.  I wouldn't overpay for Ward, but if his asking price comes down I'd be interested....Maybe.

Keep it here all day, MHR has you covered!!