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Jay Cutler to meet with Broncos, time to clear the air

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Jay Cutler and the Broncos' brain trust have scheduled a meeting in an attempt to clear the air after yesterday's blowout over a possible trade that never happened.  Whether the Broncos were actively trying to trade Cutler, or simply listening to any and all offers regarding players on a team that is 24-24 over the past 3 seasons is open to interpretation.  At this point, who initiated the talks is irrelevant.  Fences need mending right or wrong, and for this team to move forward with #6 calling the shots the two sides need to be on the same page.

Reading the comments on the various threads on this topic, it is obvious that Broncos fans are split on this issue and are looking to lay blame.  Sometimes the question of fault is not the one that needs answering.  We, as followers of the Orange and Blue, need to galvanize together help, as much as we can to bring these two sides together for the better of the team.  Right now, as we sit here at the beginning of March, the Broncos need Jay Cutler and Jay Cutler needs the Broncos. 

For Cutler, neither the Lions or Bucs is a better offensive situation than Denver offensively.  Neither team has the collection of weapons, and to be honest, neither team has the coaching prowess on offense that the Broncos have.

For Denver, there simply isn't a better option at quarterback than Jay Cutler available.  I don't think there was a few days ago either, and like I said before, if the Broncos really wanted to make the deal as it was proposed the other two teams involved likely would have taken the offer.  I believe, no matter what the blood-sucking members of certain media organizations want you to think, that the Broncos decided that Cutler is the future of the Broncos. 

I am encouraged that both sides are looking to get this resolved in a timely manner.  No matter what actually happened 48 hours ago, the fact is that right now Jay Cutler is the quarterback of the Denver Broncos.  The fans need to do the same and drop any hatchet they have towards either side.  We need to come together and prepare for what promises to be one of the most exciting seasons of Denver Broncos football in the past decade.