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The dreaded 'source close' to the Jay Cutler situation strikes again

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So, we now know, according to CBS4 Denver, that Jay Cutler and Head Coach Josh McDaniels have talked, on the phone, as part of a conference call that allegedly included Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen.  Of course, that story alone wouldn't get many people to check their Broncos Insider text messages and log into CBS4's advertising-filled website.  No, there has to be drama and the now-(in)famous 'source close to the situation' once again stepped up to provide it --

Sources close to the situation tell CBS4 Sports that the tone of the discussion was not exactly "make nice" as might have been expected.  We're told McDaniels made it clear to the quarterback how the team will be run, and how Cutler was expected to fit into that plan.  McDaniels reiterated the Broncos position that they have no intention of trading Cutler, but he also made it clear that all players are being constantly evaluated and could be traded if management thinks it will make the team better.

CBS4 Sports has also learned that Bowlen attempted to contact Cutler last week, but he was unsuccessful.

I don't know about you guys, but I wasn't expecting this to be a 'make nice'.  If anyone thought that the Broncos, as an organization, were going to call Jay Cutler and try and kiss his a$$ then you'll be disappointed.  Pat Bowlen, and his new guard - Brian Xanders and Josh McDaniels - are trying to change the culture at Dove Valley.  The inmates do not run the asylum, the management does, for better or worse.  We still do not know all the details of the whole Jay Cutler experience from 10 days ago and we'll likely never know.  As Jezru points out in this Fan Post, CBS4 in Denver has repeatedly tried o create drama. 

One thing is for sure, however.  The Denver Broncos are going to create a team-first attitude.  I'm not saying that won't include Jay Cutler.  I sincerely hope it does.  But one thing is for sure, the message Josh McDaniels is portraying has the support of the highest levels of Broncos Brass, like it or not.

UPDATE -- The Denver Post has a bit more from our friend, "the source" --

According to an NFL source, the call left the quarterback believing that if the Broncos find the right deal, he will be traded between now and the NFL draft that begins on April 25.

According to the source, Cutler entered the conference call believing any friction between the two parties would be resolved and the two sides would put the controversy behind them. Instead McDaniels told Cutler no one is untradeable and that the quarterback was expected to report for the team's offseason conditioning program that begins Monday.

The report also stated that the call included GM Brian Xanders and Cutler's agent Bus Cook.

As was talked about in the comments, Chris Simms was signed for some big-time money(2 years - $6 million).  At worst, the Broncos have protected themselves.

We still do not know what was said, and the stories this "source" has told in the past have changed dramatically over time.  I am going to delay judgment until more info is released or Jay Cutler decides whether or not to show up on Monday.

According to the source, Cutler has not yet decided whether he will report Monday.