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A 'Battle of Sources' brews as Jay Cutler drama continues

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This is getting downright ridiculous.  According to Bill Williamson, a 'second source', this one close to the Broncos, has come forward about what happened during today's conference call between the Broncos(Bowlen, Xanders and McDaniels) and Jay Cutler(Bus Cook).  Just to catch you up, here is what the FIRST source had to say --

The first source said McDaniels wouldn't confirm or deny whether the Broncos initiated the trade talks. The Broncos did, though, tell Cutler that every player on the team could be traded and he could be traded at any time. Still, Denver owner Pat Bowlen also stated in the conversation that Cutler will not be traded. The Broncos publicly said Cutler will not be traded last week as the Cutler trade frenzy was in full force.

After the phone call, the first source said Cutler would rather be traded now if Denver isn't going to commit to him long-term. The first source maintains Cutler was totally on board with McDaniels until the trade talks story broke and that trust is Cutler's biggest problem with McDaniels and the organization.

The first source said Cutler is still mulling over whether he will show up for the team's offseason conditioning program, which begins Monday. The Broncos' source stated that Cutler needs to meet with McDaniels in person to keep the situation moving in the right direction.

All bad, right?

Now for the "Second Source" --

A Broncos source with knowledge of the discussions said that two sides did not grow further apart in Monday's conference call and that issues were discussed openly and it was re-emphasized to Cutler he will not be traded.

So, MHR Fans, who do we believe.  Oh, and I guess it is safe to say that if the second source is close to the Broncos, the other source is close to Jay Cutler.  Or the Raiders, Chiefs or Chargers.

We'll talk all about this, and whatever else random, unnamed sources can come up with tomorrow on MHR Radio.  Sweet Dreams!