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Horse Tracks 3/16/09

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DP - Jay Cutler has formally requested to be traded. Finally, we get some actual quotes from Cutler and Josh McDaniels.

ESPN - Chris Mortensen provides even more quotes, including an explanation from Cutler as to why he's put some homes up for sale.

DP - Woody Paige blames everyone, including Pat Bowlen for not asserting the control he had said he would after firing Mike Shanahan. Woody doesn't know why Bus Cook hasn't received more blame, but he obviously hasn't been reading MHR. Otherwise, he makes some great points...

DP - Coach McDaniels will address the entire team today for the very first time (well, except for one notable absentee).

DP - Eddie Royal and Peyton Hillis offer their thoughts on McJayGate.

DP - Lindsay Jones makes a cursory link between Cutler and Brett Favre. Here's the real thing, in case you missed it.

ESPN - Casey Wiegmann will report today.

DP - Here we go...time to start speculating on quarterbacks in the draft.

NFL - Washington D.C.-based attorney DeMaurice Smith has been elected the NFLPA's new executive director, succeeding the late Gene Upshaw.

DFP - Here's the current take in Detroit regarding draft picks, quarterbacks, trades and the Broncos.

KCS - Could the Chefs be switching to a 30-front defense also? The hiring of Clancy Pendergast may indicate as such.

Y! - Donte' Stallworth is expected to be charged as a result of his car accident Saturday morning which killed a pedestrian.

NFL - Along with their signing of Marques Douglas, the Jets signed DT Howard Green to a one-year deal.

SFG - Despite all of the drama, Denver has still not produced the yuks that Oakland still does. We're getting there, though...