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Horse Tracks 3/17/09

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DP - Josh McDaniels impressed his players in their first meeting as coach and team.

DP - Brian Dawkins was in Hawaii for the NFLPA meeting, while Brandon Marshall and Casey Wiegmann made it to yesterday's team meeting. Peyton Hillis expects a full recovery within a month, and today the Broncos will work out Connor Barwin, who we all learned about from the Good Doctor.

DP - Mike Klis lists possible trade partners for the Broncos and their disgruntled agent who had been out of the spotlight since Brett Favre retired quarterback. Meanwhile, Eddie Royal is 100% professional, in case you didn't know.

DP - Klis answers a bunch of emails. You'll never guess who half of them are about...

DP - Kiszla runs through some trade possibilities for You Know Who. I'm sure that today's the only day we'll hear these, right? Right?!

NFL - Here's video of Kenny Peterson and Eddie Royal talking about You Know Who.

NFL - Rich Eisen and Company discuss Jay Cutler's abilities.

NFL - Eisen, Rod Woodson and Solomon Wilcotts talk about where Cutler could end up.

NFL - Eisen went over the day's Cutler news here.

NFL - Thomas George thinks McD deserves a bit more of the blame than he's gotten.

NFP - Matt Bowen offers his opinion on the situation in Denver.

WIVB - The Cook is at it again, this time reportedly talking to the Bills about Tony Scheffler. This guy has some nerve, huh?

Scout - The Broncos have a private workout with Louisville center Eric Wood scheduled for today.

NFL - Vic Carucci is reporting that New England is close to a deal for Julius Peppers. However, the Panthers say they're 'not aware' of such a trade.

Well, here come the "Trade for Jay Cutler" columns...

ESPN - John Clayton thinks Cutler would be a fit in Cleveland.

FOX - Here's who Alex Marvez thinks Denver should call.

Newsday - Wallace Matthews makes his call for the Jets to acquire J.C. Meanwhile, Bob Glauber presents the other side of the argument.

BN - This Chicago Bears columnist says "Trade for Cutler!" And here's another Chicago guy's take.

Blog - The guys at Kornheiser's Cartel think Cutler should follow the example of Drew Brees, show up and play hard.

ESPN - Rick Reilly chimed in as well. Thanks to BloodOrange for the tip!

Y! - Chargers OT Jeromey Clary signed his one-year tender.

DFP - The Lions have signed former Seahawks tight end Will Heller to a one-year contract. L.J. Smith is also a possibility in Detroit. Meanwhile, the Lions' own former tight end took Heller's place in Seattle.

Y! - The Cardinals have agreed to terms with former Browns RB Jason Wright.

Y! - The Rams signed six players yesterday.

Y! - The Jaguars dumped WR Matt Jones after his release from jail.

Y! - The Bears re-signed LB Nick Roach.

Y! - The Jets re-upped with CB Ahmad Carroll.

Y! - The Patriots re-signed four players and added former Cowboys center Al Johnson.

NFL - The Steelers re-signed linebackers Andre Frazier and Arnold Harrison.

Y! - The Packers have matched the Titans' offer for CB Jarrett Bush.

Y! - KR Courtney Roby has decided to stay in New Orleans.

Y! - PK Shaun Suisham is remaining in Washington.

Y! - The 49ers signed two players - LB Mark Washington and S Lewis Baker.

SFG - Tom Cable is happy going to work with the same players as last year.

SFG - The Raiders are looking functional again, as compared to the Broncos.

NFP - Mike Lombardi looks at the AFC North teams and their pre-draft questions.

SI - Bucky Brooks thinks the Cards would be okay without Anquan Boldin, while the Chargers need LDT.

Y! - New NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith is ready to talk about a new CBA.

ESPN - Meanwhile, Smith has asked Tony Dungy to act as a liaison between the NFLPA and the NFL.

Y! - Charles Robinson talks about the NFL's best breeding grounds.