Something different, some thoughts on the 2nd Round

Well I thought I might throw up something that hasn’t been beaten to death like a dead horse the past two weeks, and that is who would you select in the second round or who do you target.  Granted this is obviously very hypothetical at this point, and a lot will depend on what happens with Cutler (sigh), and who we select in the 1st round, but here are my likely candidates:

S – Louis Delmas, Western Michigan,  (Styg and Broncobear have better write ups) Delmas is an athletic playmaker that has great instincts. He has a sleek frame that could use more mass, but he delivers devastating hits that leave a mark. He has great awareness and an explosive burst to the ball. He flashes soft hands and turns defense into offense instantly. He’s fluid in his backpedal and flips his hips nicely in coverage. He has great quickness and good straight-line speed. - Chris Steuber,

DT – Ron Brace, Boston College,  Brace is a massive interior lineman who controls the middle. He has a quick first step, uses his hands effectively and is able to take on double teams. He uses his size to his advantage to gain the upper hand against the opposition and collapses the pocket. He’s strong against the run and flashes the ability to penetrate disrupting the quarterback. - Chris Steuber,

DT – Evander Hood, Missouri, Hood is a solid defender who plays with a high motor. He has great size and quickness, and plays with leverage. He’s fast off the line, blades through the gap and quickly locates the ball carrier. He’s physical at the point of attack and holds his own against a bigger opposition and double teams. He’s a durable, reliable defender who demonstrates great toughness in the trenches. - Chris Steuber,

DE – Jarrin Gilbert, San Jose Sate,  Gilbert is a versatile lineman who has outstanding athleticism. He has a great frame and could add more mass. He can play inside or outside and flashes the ability to be a tremendous threat behind the line of scrimmage. He has long arms and delivers a quick punch to gain an advantage. He holds up well against double teams and disengages quick enough to track down a ball carrier. He’s viewed as a tweener. - Chris Steuber,

S – William Moore, Missouri, Moore is a strong, playmaking safety that can alter a game with his unique blend of attributes. He’s a forceful, run defending safety, who also defends well in coverage. He’s fast in pursuit, tracks down ballcarriers and brings them down on initial contact. He anticipates the action well, reads the quarterback, displays a great burst to the ball and uses his excellent ball skills. - Chris Steuber,

CB –Victor Harris, Virginia Tech, Harris is a well-built defensive back with tremendous skills. He's an aggressive defender who jams opponents at the line, stalling their progress getting into their routes. He has good footwork and flips his hips well in transition. He has excellent instincts, immediately locates the ball in the air, and displays great timing in pass defense. He's a willing defender against the run, but has to improve his tackling. - Chris Steuber,

OLB – Clint Sintim, Virginia, Sintim is an aggressive defender who’s a perfect fit for a team that runs a 3-4 defense. He has great size, strength and quickness. He takes good angles off the edge and possesses outstanding tackling technique. He takes on the opposition at the line of scrimmage, sheds well and is good in pursuit. He can play the SAM linebacker position in a 4-3 defense, but has to improve his cover skills. – Chris Steuber,

There obviously are some others, I had thought about including Max Unger and maybe a WR or two, but I would say right now I would personally lean toward Jarrin Gilbert who reminds me a whole lot of Trevor Pryce or Victor Harris who was teammates with Eddie Royal, Harris obviously has practiced and played against NFL caliper players and seems like a typical tough, smart Virginia Tech player. 

 In addition, those of you who want another distraction, the following link is to join a NCAA bracket pick’em pool, something to follow for the next few weeks instead of the JC v JM saga.  Bronco Fans Unite

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