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MHR Community Mock Draft--Pick #3

Just set him to auto-sack.

From GM Papigrande: The Chiefs have needs all over, and I could see them selecting a top O-lineman here to help out new QB Matt Cassel. However, the Chiefs were terrible against the pass on defense last year, and they showed an epic inability to get to the quarterback. So, I say take the top pass rusher in this year's draft, even if Mel Kiper's hair says he is a reach in the top 5. Orakpo finished with 11.5 sacks as a senior at Texas last year, and the Chiefs finished with 10 (!!!!) as a TEAM last year. Orakpo would fit in nicely as an outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense to which the Chiefs are reportedly switching.


Commish's Thoughts: I really like this pick. The Chiefs' pass rush was epically bad last year, and they have been very low key in free agency, expecting to get their fix from the draft They also put pressure on the rest of the first round with this pick, since now two of the top OLBs are off of the board. Team's hoping to address their outside rush will have to do it sooner than later now, which should free up some later targets for the Chiefs. All in all a solid move.


Seattle Seahawks are up next. Denver Native is behind the eight ball a little bit, since the loss of Julian Peterson really had them in the market for the two OLBs that are already gone. Does he continue the run on rush end/OLB prospects or will he have a surprise in store for us?

The deadline for this pick is 3PM MST, March 22nd. As long as I receive the pick by that time it will be valid. To send me the pick, just email me at the address shown in my profile.

Seattle Seahawks

Round 1, Pick #4 Overall

GM Denver Native


Round One

  1. Detroit Lions: McDah OLB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest
  2. St.Louis Rams: 53guys OT Jason Smith, Baylor
  3. Kansas City Chiefs: Papisan DE/OLB, Brian Orakpo, Texas
  4. Seattle Seahawks: Denver_Native ON THE CLOCK
  5. Cleveland Browns: Zappa ON DECK
  6. Cincinnati Bengals: DukeTC
  7. Oakland Raiders: V. Money
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars: gunnermc
  9. Green Bay Packers: Broncosorbust
  10. San Francisco 49ers: Elway's Ghost
  11. Buffalo Bills: Rep56
  12. Denver Broncos: broncofan91
  13. Washington Redskins: Chawkins06
  14. New Orleans Saints: gnarlybroncodude
  15. Houston Texans: PredominantlyOrange
  16. San Diego Chargers: Sadaraine
  17. New York Jets: danelama
  18. Chicago Bears: Combat Chuk
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: OrangeCrush4082
  20. (Dallas Cowboys) Lions: BDAWKisaBRONC
  21. Philadelphia Eagles: ejruiz
  22. Minnesota Vikings: War Eagle Aubie
  23. New England Patriots bronco-Maine-iac
  24. Atlanta Falcons: Stovie47
  25. Miami Dolphins: adamriggs
  26. Baltimore Ravens mla2131
  27. Indianapolis Colts: chikndnnr
  28. (Carolina Panthers) Eagles: bcfunk
  29. New York Giants: Russ
  30. Tennessee Titans: Broncoman
  31. Arizona Cardinals: Calibroncoboy
  32. Pittsburgh Steelers: PABroncofan