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MHR Community Mock Draft Pick #8

No time like the present to find a QB.

From GM gunnermc: The Jaguars are torn between Stafford and Sanchez, but decide on
Stafford because of his tremendous upside. Fans need to understand
this pick is NOT a replacement to our very talented starting QB David
Garrard. Matthew Stafford is being drafted to compete with and learn
from our starter. When he's prepared a few years down the road he
will take the reigns. We also understand we have major holes at WR
and O-line, we feel our organization has been blessed with Matthew
Stafford falling in our hands at pick number 8! He's from right up
the road and will be considered a local hero, and fan favorite!


Commish's Thoughts: Whichever QB is deemed the top guy on the board, Sanchez or Stafford, there is no doubt that the Jaguars are in a great bargaining position at #8, since a few QB hungry teams will start cropping up behind them. I would like this pick more if it was posturing to force a trade that allows the Jags to move back a bit and think about O-line, but I can't argue with taking Stafford in the top ten. He has a heck of an arm, and could very well impress enough to start as a rookie, and help to bring the Jags offense to another level on his savvy and arm strength alone. The downside to this pick? If you actually NEED Stafford to pan out as a value, you would have to be sweating when you turned in a card with his name on it....


The Green Bay Packers are up next. There is still some elite talent on the board, but will it make it out of the top 10? Malcolm Jenkins comes to mind here...

The deadline for this pick is 6pm MST, March 25th. As long as I receive the pick by that time it will be valid. To send me the pick, just email me at the address shown in my profile.

Green Bay Packers

Round 1, Pick #9 Overall

GM Broncosorbust


Round One

  1. Detroit Lions: McDah OLB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest
  2. St.Louis Rams: 53guys OT Jason Smith, Baylor
  3. Kansas City Chiefs: Papisan DE/OLB Brian Orakpo, Texas
  4. Seattle Seahawks: Denver_Native OT, Eugene Monroe, Virginia
  5. Cleveland Browns: Zappa WR, Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech
  6. Cincinnati Bengals: DukeTC OT, Michael Oher, Ole Miss
  7. Oakland Raiders: V. Money DT/NT, BJ Raji, Boston College
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars: gunnermc QB, Matt Stafford, Georgia
  9. Green Bay Packers: Broncosorbust ON THE CLOCK
  10. San Francisco 49ers: Elway's Ghost ON DECK
  11. Buffalo Bills: Rep56
  12. Denver Broncos: broncofan91
  13. Washington Redskins: Chawkins06
  14. New Orleans Saints: gnarlybroncodude
  15. Houston Texans: PredominantlyOrange
  16. San Diego Chargers: Sadaraine
  17. New York Jets: danelama
  18. Chicago Bears: Combat Chuk
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: OrangeCrush4082
  20. (Dallas Cowboys) Lions: BDAWKisaBRONC
  21. Philadelphia Eagles: ejruiz
  22. Minnesota Vikings: War Eagle Aubie
  23. New England Patriots bronco-Maine-iac
  24. Atlanta Falcons: Stovie47
  25. Miami Dolphins: adamriggs
  26. Baltimore Ravens mla2131
  27. Indianapolis Colts: chikndnnr
  28. (Carolina Panthers) Eagles: bcfunk
  29. New York Giants: Russ
  30. Tennessee Titans: Broncoman
  31. Arizona Cardinals: Calibroncoboy
  32. Pittsburgh Steelers: PABroncofan