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ILB, Daniel Holtzclaw, Eastern Michigan

ILB, Daniel Holtzclaw, Eastern Michigan

At A Glance
Position 1:  Inside Linebacker Height: 6-1
Position 2:  Weight:  235
Class:  Senior Age:  
Projected Round:  CFA  40time:  4.78
Combine/Proday Results
Bench Reps:  X Vertical:  X
20yd Split:  X Broad Jump:  X
10yd Split:  X 20yd Shuttle:  X
3 Cone Drill:  X  


Styg's Broncos Fit:  MAC attack!  Terrific size and stunning durability with 47 straight games at MLB and no injuries.  He is very instinctual, looks good mixing it up around the line, and knows his job and the jobs of the layers around him.  A hard worker, with a tremendous work ethic, he is a player who did everything he could to help EMU win games.  No doubt he would be higher up the list with a few more W's under his belt, but expect him to be one of the first CFAs signed in the hours after the draft.

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From "Close Encounters" at Arrowhead Pride:

Checking my email today, I have received an email from Daniel Holtzclaw himself, returning senior MLB for the Eastern Michigan Eagles. Holtzclaw likely read all that I had said of him in that post, but he only focused on the above part.

Holtzclaw chided me for not following him closely enough to make that judgment (which is a completely fair point). He accused me of overlooking him because he plays in a less prominent conference, but that he was going to be extremely motivated to working his ass off to embarrass my prediction. He told me to keep an eye on him as he blew up his big-conference counterparts in the Senior Bowl and at the Combine.

He then quoted back the exact part my post that irritated him: "you need an elite MLB. Obviously, Holtzclaw does not seem to be that guy, although he might be a great backup."

That's why I, as a Chiefs fan, have no choice but to loyally get behind this guy, starting what might be the first of many Daniel Holtzclaw bandwagons. It's not because Holtzclaw read my post and responded personally. It's because even though I suggested he was worth a draft pick, even though I picked him up with a 4th, even though I'd start him immediately, and even though I admitted he may be able to hold down the spot, I suggested that he wasn't destined to be elite.

And Daniel Holtzclaw would not have any of that.

Arrowhead Pride monitored Holtzclaw throughout the 2008 season.  Follow along here.

From "Holtzclaw Interview" at Arrowhead Pride:

As far as being drafted, I hope I can sneak into mid rounds. I hope.

My overall goal is to be drafted and so far I've heard late rounds and FA. Not being in any all-star games or combine definitely hurt me, but it is what it is.

No Excuses

I can justify and make excuses but no one wants to hear that. I look at it like football. As you reach a higher level of play in football there is more adversity. Same goes with life. Nothing is perfect, you don't get everything you want, you only get a few opportunities in life so when your name is called be prepared to execute at the highest level possible.

Defensive Scheme

I see myself playing either in the 3-4 or 4-3. I have the size, weighing 240+ lbs, and could easily put on 10-15 lbs if needed and still move. In a 4-3 I can drop to 230 lbs if they need.



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