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Horse Tracks 3/29/09

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DP - Krieger reminds everyone that the defense wasn't so hot last year. Thanks, Dave. He also tries to say he'd have given Brian Dawkins' money to Igor Olshansky and mentions a few front-seven draft possibilities.

DP - Chad Mustard wishes the wedge had been eliminated sooner. Meanwhile, Tom Coughlin isn't thrilled about heading to Denver for Turkey Day.

CPD - I'm not sure whether this is confirmed or just speculation, but Terry Pluto says Josh McDaniels may have asked for Shaun Rogers and Brady Quinn in a Jay Cutler deal.

Not a whole lot in the way of news today, so I've dug up a few links I had missed over the past few days. Enjoy your Sunday!

KCS - Adam Teicher thinks the Chefs' selection at #3 will depend mostly upon what the Lions do at #1, as he expects the Rams to seek an offensive tackle and the Chefs to choose a defensive player.

SFG - SFGate looks at who the pundits are projecting for Oakland in their mock drafts.

TGM - T.O. claims that Jerry Jones assured him of remaining in Dallas.

FOX - Jay Glazer says there's no chance the Patriots will land DE Julius Peppers for just a 2nd-round choice.

FOX - Jack Del Rio tells Alex Marvez it's nice having less hype surrounding his team.

CBS - Meanwhile, Pete Prisco looked at the Jags' draft needs the other day.

FOX - Adam Schein makes nine predictions for the draft and its players.

FOX - Here's a look at the Bengals and their draft needs.

CBS - Jim Irsay tells Clark Judge that Irsay's dad never wanted to move the Colts out of Baltimore.

ESPN - Here's a collection of videos profiling draft prospects.

ESPN Insider - Here's a breakdown of the Broncos' greatest draft classes ever, according to ESPN.