Jumping on the Bandwagon: Another Mock Draft to Pass the Time

This was originally going to be a comment on HT's Depth Craft post, but after a few minutes of draft research I got a little carried away and realized that I would have made the longest comment ever. So, I decided to just put it all here, in a nice FanPost. You've gotta love Draftivus. The speculation, the joy, the arguing... It's the best part of the offseason except for training camp if you get to go to that. (Yay Bronco-Con yay!)

Also, I went in order of overall team need need versus actual draft order, so it is a little discombobulated. Hope you don't mind.

After looking at [HT's post], I think it's safe to say that DE and DT are our biggest needs. I think Boydy was the one who came up with the scenario where we trade our 1st and 2nd for Detroit's 1st (20 overall) and 2nd. This would allow us to get Tyson Jackson and Ron Brace and fill both of those needs. I'm not a huge Jackson fan, but I'm not really a fan of anyone else in the first round either and he would fill our biggest need.

The second scenario, which I would like better, is to draft Raji if he falls to us and get Ziggy Hood in the second round. Problam solved. The only issue with this is that it is VERY unlikely that Raji falls to us at 12. With that, I think our DL crop would be significantly improved, and we could form a competent DE rotation with T. Jackson/Z. Hood, M.Thomas, T. Crowder, K. Peterson, and D. Reid. At DT, I think Fields is the obvious choice to start, and B. Raji/R. Brace would rotate in with C. Powell backing them up.

After seeing [HT's post], I have also come to the conclusion that LB is not as big a need as I initially perceived it to be, and I think it would be adequate for us to pursue a project player like Jasper Brinkley instead of breaking the bank on a first or second rounder. Brinkley can be had in the fifth, and I suggest we take him with our first fifth round choice.

Safety is another hole, with both of our starters in the twilight of their careers. I think Chip Vaughn would fit in nicely as a SS, and we could pick him up in the third round. I was initially turned on to Vaughn by the raiders fans, and I have loved what I've seen of him so far. He would fit into the rotation and spell Hill, and would relegate Fox to the emergency backup position that he deserves. With Vaughn at SS and Barrett at FS, I think we would have an excellent safety-of-the-future tandem. For a good analysis of Vaughn's talent, go here.

The last important holes I want to fill are wide receiver and interior o-line. I don't perceive WR to be as big of a need for us as most people do, and the reason is Chad Jackson. He has the size and speed to be our deep threat and our number two, and I think he's going to be better than anyone we can get in the fourth or fifth rounds. Still, if we want to bring in some competition for him we can look at speedy WR's like Mike Wallace or Ramses Barden in the fourth. The WR I suggest we take, however, is Deon Butler of Penn State. He was their most productive receiver last year, not Derrick Williams, and is pretty polished for a fifth rounder. Oh, and also he ran an unofficial 4.26 40 at the combine.

So with our first, second, third, and fifth rounds covered, I suggest we take a look at some OL depth in the fourth. A. Q. Shipley is another Penn Stater I like, and he has been a beast for his entire collegiate career. He started 39 games in a row, was first team All Big Ten, and has great size and bulk. He was team captain and has a reputation for being an intellectual which was proven true by the 40 he scored on his Wonderlic. So why is he rated so low? He has short arms. You know what? I don't care if he has little midget Tyrannosaurus Rex arms, the man is a pure football player and I would welcome him on my team. He and Lichtensteiger would be an excellent tandem to replace Weigmann and Hamilton when they move on.

This would cover all our biggest needs except for running back, and I think we could get a pretty capable one in the sixth round in Ian Johnson. He had a great career at Boise State (then again, he spent three years running behind Ryan Clady; I think I could be successful doing that) and shocked everyone with a 4.46 at the combine. He has excellent patience and great field vision, and is a capable pass catcher out of the backfield. The only problem is that he's another filler-type running back, and we already have 17 of those on roster. In the end, I could see him making the team, along with Hillis, Buckhalter, Torain, and Arrington or Selvin.

So now I have covered al the rounds 1-6, and I still have two more picks to use. While I think speculating this far into the draft is futile and quite a waste of time, I will press on because I work for you, Broncos fans, and I will not leave you with an incomplete mock. Also, I don't really have anything better to do. So here is my seventh round speculation.

I have been known to say that you can never have enough depth on the D-line. So I want to take a flyer on a Colorado guy, George Hypolite. He was a DT in college, but I see him moving to a DE in a pro 3-4. Not only does his name sound like some kind of Greek goddess, he has a surprisingly well-rounded skillset and is capable of defending the run and the pass. He would be good depth and a decent filler if one of our guys got hurt.

With our last pick, I went with a CB, since that is our only perceived need that I have not addressed yet. The CB I chose was Wopamo Osaisai of Stanford. He's a rough product, but he was second-team All Big Ten and is a track star with a 4.3 40. Also, like Hypolite, I like his name a lot.

So here's a recap of the Papi Mock:

1 (#20 overall, via trade from Detroit): Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU or #12 overall: B.J. Raji, NT, Boston College.

2 (#33 overall, via trade from Detroit): Ron Brace, NT, Boston Colege or #48 overall: Evander "Ziggy" Hood, DE, Missouri

3 (#79 overall): Chip Vaughn, SS, Wake Forest

4 (#114 overall): A. Q. Shipley, C, Penn State

5 (#140 overall, via trade from Seattle): Jasper Brinkley, ILB, South Carolina

5 (#149 overall): Deon Butler, WR, Penn State

6 (#185 overall): Ian Johnson, RB, Boise State

7 (#225 overall): George Hypolite, DE, Colorado

7 (#235 overall, via trade from Atlanta): Wopamo Osaisai, CB, Stanford

So there you have it. I am Papigrande, and I officially endore this mock.

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