Another attempt to Mock our Draft

Sorry guys I know these are gong up like Wild fire. I am going to attempt to fill what I think are the needs that the Denver Broncos shoudl fill via the Draft. I think there will be a lot of CFA's we target. I didn't use a big board other than my own and I tried to be as honest as possible with the big board as I am mocking for a few other teams in other places and use the same board. Anyway this was what I came up with For Denver, hope you like it. If you dont give it to me in the comments!

Round 1- #12 Brian Cushing (OLB- USC)

The OLB need i do feel is great in Denver. If you looked at my breakdown I note some hybrid players but my argument is that They are situation LB and DE's for the most part. The only exception is that I feel Moss is a Strong side linebacker. Cushing has a work ethic and will step in as another rotaional player in our Linebacking Corps. I am not sold on picking anyone else at this point because there are too many questions for me on others. Cushing is a good solid pick for me.

Round 2- #48 Ron Brace (NT- Boston College)

To me i think that Brace will end up falling to us without having to move. Denver needs help up front I agree, but Brace woudl be the first place I would look because of the rotation I think we will have at the "NT" position.  Brace is a high class guy who will bring it on the field. There are other ways I could go here but some of the other players I would want to draft here are already off my board for other teams.


Round 3- #79 A.Q. Shipley (OC- Penn. St.)

Shipley actually "slips" to us here on my board based on needs. His Wonderlic Score (40) makes me happy because he can process information quickly which is needed in a zone OR gap blocking system. Good depth on the Offensive Line with Guys like Polumbus and Lichtenstieger.

Round 4- #114 Ramses Barden (WR- Cal. Poly. SLO)

I really fell for Barden this season watching some Cal Poly games. He plays an agressive knock 'em down style of offense that makes DB's think twice before playing bump coverage on him. Ramses really has the ability of a #2 and his combine speed time is very deceptive because of his game speed. Think of the trio of Marshall, Barden and Royal lining up on a consistent basis...

Round 5- #140 Jasper Brinkley (ILB- South Carolina)

Jasper provides good solid depth because he is a gap guy. He knows what to do and where to plug as well as make a tackle. I Love DJ and WW but they are both specific style players where as Brinkley has the ability to play all types of coverage, blitz and zone. This would definately be a good pick up in my opinion.

Round 5- #149 Morgan Trent (CB- Michagan)

Trent is a later round prospect. He is the victim of a deep deep DB class, much like Woodyard was the victim of a deep draft last year. Trent comes from a very zone style of play but has held his own in man play. Smart Corner which is what I desire

Round 6- #185 Antone Smith (RB- Florida St.)

I like the signing of Arrignton but I think we need a "true" scat back. Smith is just that. He can run between the tackles but he does his best work outside. He knows what it means to cutback and find his hole for the home run. Not an every down player but we don't need that now do we? Great Change-of-pace guy.

Round 7 #225 Bear Pascoe (TE- Fresno St.)

The Doc wrote and absolutely stellar piece on Mr. Pascoe. As it stands I have Bear on my board a little higher than 225 (201) but the seventh roudn for some teams tends to be a need based round instead of quality depth round which drops bear in our lap. Quite happy to take him

Round 7 #235 John Parker Wilson (QB- Alabama)

This would be the epitome of a "QB Project." Wilson has some game savvy but his technique is far from polished. He woudl make an adequate back up right now but coudl turn into a more than serviceable starter.


Well ladies and gentlemen that is all I have ask me questions or rip me apart. Thanks for your time!


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