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Broncos will not trade Jay Cutler

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CBS4 is reporting the Broncos have put the Jay Cutler trade-issue to bed once and for all, telling Gary Miller that Cutler will not be traded.

The Denver Broncos have told CBS4 Broncos Insider Gary Miller, the team is absolutely not going to trade quarterback Jay Cutler.  There had been wide spread speculation in recent days that Cutler might be dealt.  But on Tuesday afternoon, the team's announcement put to bed once and for all any chance that the Pro Bowl quarterback would be leaving Denver.

Head Coach Josh McDaniels will have a face-to-face meeting with Cutler sometime next week when the quarterback is due to return to Colorado.

Added Broncos spokesman Patrick Smyth -

"Josh and Jay will sit down and meet next week when Jay gets back from Nashville.    And then Smyth, who said he was speaking on behalf of owner Pat Bowlen and McDaniels, made the following point of emphasis: "The Denver Broncos are not trading, Jay Cutler. Period."

Cutler, along with the rest of the Broncos, are due to begin off-season workouts on March 16th.  Let's hope this puts the issue to bed....forever!