Mock Draft 2.0

Yo fellow MHR bretheren.  I have looked hard and come up with my take on what I would like to see.  We have 9 picks so far.  I will assume we get a 4th rounder for Tony (although I'd be irritated with anything less than a 3rd rounder), which gives us 10 picks, with 2 4ths, 2 5ths and 2 7ths.  My big emphasis is on building / fortifying our front 7 and our O-line.  We have holes, let's fill 'em.  

Here goes . . .

1st -  Rey Maualuga - Thumper ILB (obviously).  He will give us a presence and put fear in opposing offenses.  If Rey's gone, I would take Tyson Jackson.  If Rey / Jackson are gone, I'd go with Cushing for his versatility.  I still believe the best thing we could do here is trade down for an additional 2nd or 3rd round pick and take Larry English (Rush OLB) somewhere in the 20-24 range.  Obviously, if Raji or Orakpo fall, they would be great options at #12.

2nd - Max Unger -  Top flight C from Oregon - He's projected to the early part of the 2nd round.  If he's not there, I would like us to look at Delmas or Chung, both are versatile, physical ball hawking FS prospects.  My favorite guy here would be Larry English, but I don't anticipate that he will fall this far.  If we get Unger, Chung or Delmas in the 2nd, I'd be happy.

3rd -  Paul Kruger - rush olb from Utah -  He's got a low second round grade, but I hope he'll fall to us in the third.  High character guy, above average in every respect, good size, speed, can rush the passer, stop the run and drop into coverage.  Perfect fit.

4th -  Evander Hood or Terrence Taylor - Stout NT / DE type, one of these guys should be there in round 4.  If Ron Brace or Fili Moala somehow slip to here, take them!!!!!!  However, I feel they'll both be gone.  

4th - Shonn Green - RB Iowa - Good size / physical guy who ran the zone blocking scheme at Iowa and performed well against bigtime competition.

5th - Kraig Urbik - OG - Kuper seems solid, hamilton is going into his 9th year and Lichtenteiger could be good but I still think we need more depth along that front / for the future.  Tackle is an option, but we have pro bowlers there and Polumbus is a versatile back-up. 

5th - Deon Butler - WR Penn State - really good footwork, smart, fast receiver from Penn State.  Robiskie or quan cosby or Butler's teammate, Derrick Williams could be worth a look here as well.

6th - Mitch King - Hard worker / blue collar DE from Iowa.  At the very least he will come in an compete / work 100% 100% of the time.  Good lockerroom guy and could develop into a stud in our front 7.  At worst, he gives good depth, character and a tireless motor / work ethic. 

7th - Dorell Scott from Clemson or George Hypolite from CO - either of these guys would be a legit 3-4 D-lineman and could compete.

7th - Best football player available - basically whoever McXanders has at the top of their big board when all the carnage has settled.

Logic says we should take a NT in the 1st or 2nd and a C in the 4th, the opposite of what I proposed.  Two thoughts: 1) I did this because I have a mancrush on Max Unger and think he would anchor our line for years to come.  I know we need a NT, but Rey, Max, Paul Kruger at 1, 2, 3 would be too good to pass up if it's there.  2) Trading down in the first would solve this problem by allowing us to get Max and still address deficiencies in our front 7 early in the draft.


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