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Horse Tracks 4/11/09


DB - Elvis Dumervil checks in with a blog entry - he calls Andra Davis a "natural leader" and that the Cutler situation "wasn't as much of a distraction" for the team as it was for us.

NFP - Wes Bunting ranks the best players suited for a 3-4 defense in the upcoming draft.

ESPN - Not that I think they deserve it (Elway doesn't count), but the 1983 Broncos draft class, led by the Snow Goose Karl Mecklenburg, needs your votes over the 1985 Bills!!!!!

NFL - The Stillers are close to re-signing NFL Defensive Player of the Year, linebacker James Harrison.

NFL - Pittsburgh has also reportedly offered QB Byron Leftwich a 2-year deal to return.

NFL - Bucs left tackle Donald Penn has decided to return, signing his one-year tender.

NFL - Meanwhile, DT Kedric Golson of the Redskins did the same.

NFL - So did WR Demetrius Williams and TE Quinn Sypniewski of the Ravens.

CT - Jerry Angelo doesn't think it's such a big deal that he's got no number one picks. Well, what else is he supposed to say? Besides, the Bears haven't done such a hot job with the #1's anyway.

ESPN - Jeffrey Chadiha counts the Broncos trading Cutler as one of his five dumbest moves of the offseason.

FOX - Alex Marvez goes over his list of injured players from 2008 who he expects will have an impact in 2009.

SI - Ross Tucker thinks the Vikings were mistaken in both the decision to let C Matt Birk walk and the way they addressed it publicly.

NFL - Vic Carucci examines the immaturity of junior QBs and the draft risk it brings.

NFL - Steve Wyche takes a look at the top-5 centers entering the draft. Here is Wyche's look at the top-5 guards.

CBS - Pete Prisco checks out the Browns' draft needs.

FOX - The Iggles are "On the Clock" at Fox.

CBS - Here is a collection of all the CBS analysts' mock drafts.

NFL - Here's Part 2 of the "Experts" mock draft - "Expert" Dave Krieger selected DE Tyson Jackson at #12.

SDUT - Kevin Acee has Denver choosing Brian Cushing at #12 in his latest mock draft.