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Horse Tracks 4/13/09


ESPN - Klis called in as ESPN put the Broncos On the Clock. He says the Broncos are high on B.J. Raji, Tyson Jackson and Evander Hood.

Scout - Clay Matthews was reportedly scheduled to visit the Broncos last Friday.

NYT - The Times reviewed the Broncos' offseason and listed some possible draftees.

NFL - conducted staff polls for its all-time draft, and of course the greatest #1 pick happened to be the Greatest Player Ever. Meanwhile, the editors debated.

NFLN - Rich Eisen apparently misses the Jay Cutler soap opera.

ESPN - The '83 Broncos draft class still needs your votes. Sorry, slow news day...

NFL - QB Byron Leftwich has agreed to a two-year deal with Tampa Bay and will compete for the starting job.

SI - If you still care, Kerry Byrne of says the Bears really, really, really needed to get Jay Cutler.

NYT - K.C. Joyner looks at Drew Brees and Chad Pennington by the numbers.

CBS - Clark Judge breaks down the Lions' draft needs.

NFL - Steve Wyche looks at the top defensive linemen entering the draft.

NFLN - Mike Mayock presents his top-5 DTs.

FOX - The Pats are On the Clock at FOX.