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Mile High Report Draftivus Contest #1: Your 7 Round Broncos Mock

 While Draftivus can certainly be thought of as a time of giving, where it really shines is as a time of GETTING.  We hope to GET our favorite player in the draft, or we hope to GET enough needs filled.  Above all, we hope to GET football players that will make the Denver Broncos a team to be feared in 2009 and beyond.

But for the readers, contributors and members of MHR, here is an opportunity to GET something else.

Introducing the inaugural MHR Draftivus Contests, a chance to test your knowledge of the draft, and of the Broncos, as well as a chance to just plain get lucky. And you'll GET some cool prizes in the process.

The first contest that we are announcing is the classic 7 Round Broncos Mock.   You are all familiar with the format of a 7 round Broncos Mock by now, and many of you have already tried your hand at it.  The basic idea is that you make your best guess as to who you think Denver is going to pick with each of their picks in the seven rounds.  You can find an updated list of the Broncos current picks right here, and lots of information on lots of different prospect here, including links to sites that have even MORE information.

The 7-round mocks will be scored on a point system based on how it compares to the Real Thing, so don't think that you have to be perfect to do well.  Here is how the scoring breaks down:

10 pts for taking the correct player at the correct pick.
5 pts for choosing a correct player but at a different pick.
3 pts for choosing the correct position (QB, RB, DT etc.) with a particular pick, regardless of individual player selected.
2 pts for each position you correctly guess that Denver will take, regardless of where they are taken.

 Once you have your 7 round Broncos Mock put together there are a number of ways to submit it.  You could put it up as a fanpost on the sidebar, where it can be critiqued and updated to get it just right.  Just be sure to mention in the body of the post (in nice bold type) that it is your "Official 7 round Broncos Mock" entry.  Another way to submit it would be as a comment in this post, though once the post drops off the front page, it will be harder to keep track of.  The absolute best way to submit your entry however is to send it via email to .  You will be able to update your entry at any time before the draft, with the official cutoff for updates being midnight MST, April 24th.

Oh, you want to know what you'll win if you grace us with your awesome 7 round mock? Well, we have been working for some time on a good way of getting some MHR gear to you guys and gals, and we thought this might be a good way to get our feet wet.  If you are one of the top three scorers in this contest (and we have some more contests to announce later) you will get some MHR gear, including some Special Edition swag that will only ever be available to Draftivus winners, and that features a special Broncos draft icon to commemorate the 2009 Draftivus.  Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this stuff!

Going forward we will be announcing more contests, including one that is so easy to enter that even I have a chance.   Stay tuned for more in the spirit of Draftivus "Gettingness"!

Its another Draftivus miracle!!!!