Zappa's Official 7 Round Mock

Well, after hundreds of thousands of milliseconds, I have used my trusty old wheel-o-meter to create my 7 round mock. Yes, the science involved is far too complicated to get into and the accuracy of my scientific methods rival that of the most advanced Super-Crayp computers. So without further adieu:

Round 1a:  Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia.  I have been waffling all reload season on this pick.  Maualuga, Jackson, ect ect.  Knowshon Moreno is projected to fall this far, we would be fools to let him pass on by.  Unless BJ Raji falls this far, Moreno seems like the best pick at this draft position.

Round 1b:  Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU.  After shocking Broncoland by going offense with the first pick, McXanders will need to begin to reassure the rest of us that defense is the real focus in this draft.  At #18, Tyson Jackson becomes a good pick up.

Round 2:  Larry English, OLB, Northern Illinois.  English is projected to go before our second round pick, but with such a wealth of linebackers "projected" in the first and early second rounds, I think team needs will cause some linebackers to fall a bit further than they should.  Larry English will be one of those guys and we will nab him here.

Round 3a:  Mike Mickens, CB, Cincinnati.  He may not make it this far, but if he does we should pick him up right away.  If for no other reason than my wheel-o-meter landed on him all three times I spun it. 

Round 3b:  Terrance Taylor, DT, Michigan.  Our first true "reach" of the draft.  True Nose Tackles are vanishing in this years draft and it will not bode well for us to enter training camp without much competition here.  Taylor seems like a good fit for Nolan's scheme.

Round 4:  Ramses Barden, WR, Cal Poly.  I broke my wheel-o-meter here because it wouldn't land on Ramses.  I selfishly want another beast on the field, and Ramses makes Brandon Marshall look like a 12 year old boy.  Just playing, but kick ass would it be to have Marshall and Barden on either side of the field?  Yeehaw!

Round 5:  Troy Nolan, FS, Arizona State.  After many minutes of repair on my wheel-o-meter, we will apparently reach for Troy Nolan to fill our need in the secondary. 

Round 6:  Mike Reilly, QB, Central Washington.  It will be somewhat surprising that Reilly fell this far, making him a no brainer for McXanders to nab in the sixth round. 

Round 7a:  Antonio Appleby, ILB, Virginia.  The wheel-o-meter never lies.  This dude falls to us in the 7th round and we pick him up.  So we do selected an ILB.  I was hoping for that!

Round 7b:  Jon Cooper, C, Oklahoma.  Edwin Williams would have been a good pick up, but he was long gone at this point.  Jon Cooper seems to fit exactly what Rick Dennison would look for in a center.  It all depends on how much McXanders listens to a remnant of the old regime. 

Alright!  There you have it.  Where can I collect my prizes?  No need to wait for the actual NFL Draft.  As I stated earlier, the Wheel-O-Meter never lies. 

Special thanks to styg50, for his Draft Resource Page for helping me research the guys I was potentially interested in.  Whatever happens later this month, we are in for one hell of a Draftivus!

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