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Mile High Report Draftivus Contest #2: Lets See Your First Round Mock!

Its time for even more MHR Draftivus gift giving!  But as the saying goes, you need to give a little to get a little.  This time, we are asking you to give up a 32 Team First Round Mock.

What you need to do is just list out who you think will be taken with the first 32 picks in the 2009 NFL Draft.  It sounds easy, but it can be pretty tricky, and there is lots of room to make errors, or to get something just right.  Thankfully, there are a ton of resources out there from Mocking the Draft, to our own Community Mock.  You can do a little research like Steve O' did, or you can do even less research, like Zappa is fond of doing.

The scoring is similar to the scoring for the 7 round mock:

10pts for getting the correct player to the correct team, in the correct spot
5pts for every pick that is the correct position for the correct team.
5 pts for every player within one spot of where you projected them.
2 pts for every player within two spots of where  you projected them
1 bonus point for every player that you correctly selected to be taken in the first round (these bonus points are added to the points up above)

 This scoring system rewards you for familiarity with team needs, and on multiple levels for accurately estimating the worth of the top players in the draft this season.

Once you have your 1st Round Mock put together there are a number of ways to submit it. You could put it up as a fanpost on the sidebar, where it can be critiqued and updated to get it just right. Just be sure to mention in the body of the post (in nice bold type) that it is your "Official 1st Round Mock" entry. Another way to submit it would be to link it in this post, though once the post drops off the front page, it will be harder to keep track of. The absolute best way to submit your entry however is to send it via email to You will be able to update your entry at any time before the draft, with the official cutoff for updates being midnight MST, April 24th. 

And don't forget to submit an entry for our "7 Round Broncos Mock Draft" contest as well.  As always, any questions or comments can be emailed to, as well as updates to any of your entries.

And there will be prize swag for this contest as well, including a few autographed collector's items from our special "commemorative-player" for this inaugural Draftivus.  This whole Draftivus thing just keeps getting better!!!

Yet ANOTHER Draftivus Miracle!!!!