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Broncos involved in 23 arrests since 2000

This gets filed in the information department. Sign-On San Diego has put together a database of NFL arrests since 2000.  While I didn't look at every team, I did focus on the AFC West.

The Broncos are 2nd in the division behind Kansas City --

Kansas City -- 24 arrests
Denver   --        23 arrests
Oakland --       12 arrests

Interestingly enough, there were no records for the Chargers.  Either they are squeaky clean when it comes to run-ins with the law(didn't they have a player shot by an off-duty police officer?) or the hometown paper is giving them a break.

Fans on this site, including me, have become increasingly frustrated with the off-field behavior.  Was it a factor in the removal of Mike Shanahan?  Maybe, maybe not.  It certainly can't help.

Worse, the list doesn't include Travis Henry.

Details of the 23 Broncos' arrests, involving 16 different players, after the jump.

DateDescending Name Team Position Incident Resolution
3/1/2009 Brandon Marshall Denver WR Arrested in Atlanta on disorderly conduct charge after fight with fiance, spent five hours in jail. Charge dismissed.
3/6/2008 Brandon Marshall Denver WR Arrested in Atlanta after his longtime girlfriend claimed in an affidavit that Marshall hit her in the mouth and left eye March 4. NFL suspended him one game after this, his third arrest in a year.
3/1/2008 Marcus Thomas Denver DT Arrested in Florida after police found cocaine and a gun in his truck. Dropped
2/19/2008 Andre Hall Denver RB Turned himself in and was booked into jail after arrest warrant was issued in Florida for failing to appear in court Feb. 5. The court appearance was for a charge of driving with a suspended or revoked license after traffic stop Jan. 11. Paid $513 bond.
1/11/2008 Daniel Graham Denver TE Arrested on suspicion of criminal mischief and
harassment of former girlfriend after argument about sale of their home.
Dropped the next week.
12/8/2007 Todd Sauerbrun Denver P_ Cited for simple assault after alleged altercation with cab driver. He then was transported to local detox facility. Pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace, 24 hours community service
12/1/2007 Darrell Hackney Denver QB Arrested on suspicion of DUI at 2:20 a.m.  
10/22/2007 Brandon Marshall Denver WR Arrested on suspicion of drunken driving in Denver. Pleaded to reduced charge of driving while impaired, sentenced to a year of probation.
5/20/2007 David Kircus Denver WR Charged with felony assault after alleged fistfight at party. The other man in the fight was hospitalized with broken bones in his face.  
3/26/2007 Brandon Marshall Denver WR Arrested on charges of false imprisonment, domestic violence Dropped
9/27/2006 Sam Brandon Denver S_ Turned himself in on arrest warrant for violating a restraining order Suspended by NFL for two games in 2007, stemming from previous arrest
5/26/2006 Karl Paymah Denver CB Officers found him unconscious in SUV, with vehicle running and in gear. Convicted of DUI and careless driving on July 16, 2008.
9/23/2005 D.J. Williams Denver LB Arrested, charged with DUI Pleaded guilty to driving while impaired, 24 hours community service, one year probation
7/4/2005 Sam Brandon Denver S_ Arrested, charged in domestic violence incident, misdemeanor third-degree assault, criminal mischief. Suspended by NFL for two games in 2007
1/1/2005 Willie Middlebrooks Denver CB Arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault, domestic violence and harassment of his girlfriend early New Year's Day. Pleaded guilty, 36 weeks domestic violence class, 18-month deferred sentence
6/2/2004 Sam Brandon Denver S_ Arrested, charged in domestic violence incident, misdemeanor criminal mischief, child abuse. Dropped
7/4/2003 Dwayne Carswell Denver TE Arrested in Atlanta and charged with simple battery, domestic violence and obstruction of an officer after a fight with his girlfriend. Guilty, suspended one game
12/28/2002 John Mobley Denver LB Arrested for DUI in Parker, Colo. Sentenced to seven days in jail
9/2/2001 Eddie Kennison Denver WR Arrested and charged with three misdemeanors after an argument with a bouncer outside a Louisiana nightclub. Dropped
3/2/2001 Dwayne Carswell Denver TE Charged with third-degree assault and domestic violence in Pueblo, Colo. Dropped
10/28/2000 Brian Griese Denver QB Arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in south Denver. Pleaded guilty to driving while impaired, one year probation, $418 fines and costs
8/9/2000 Bill Romanowski Denver LB Indicted on four felony charges of fraudulently obtaining prescription diet drugs. Acquitted
1/24/2000 Rod Smith Denver WR Arrested on misdemeanor charges of third-degree assault and harassment for allegedly choking and hitting the mother of his two children at the couple's home in Parker, Colo. Pleaded guilty to verbal harassment, $25,000 conditional NFL fine, group therapy