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Mile High Report Draftivus Contest #3: Top Twelve Picks

We are announcing yet another Draftivus miracle, and it is the easiest one yet.  So far we have tested your knowledge of Denver's needs and the depth of the draft (Submit your seven round Broncos mock).  We also put you basic team needs and top prospect knowledge to the test (Submit you 32 team first round mock).

Well, now we want to see how close you can get on the top twelve prospects in the draft.  Just submit a list of the first twelve picks, and who you think will go where.  Its as easy as that.  The scoring, however, will be slightly different:

12pts for a player  in the correct spot.

11pts for a player within one correct spot.

10 pts for a player within two of the correct spot

Follow this pattern until you get to 1pt for having a player within 12 of the correct spot.

Trades are not scored, and don't need to be included.  Only actual players taken are scored.

Note that only players that actually get picked in the top 12 will be eligible for points.  If they are picked at #13 or later, they are awarded no points, regardless of where you have them being taken.

For everyone who has already submitted a Draftivus Contest #2entry (a full 32 pick first round mock), you will have your top twelve from that entry automatically re-entered into this contest.  However, because the scoring is different and because trades aren't worth any points, you certainly have the option of submitting a different entry if you wish.

All entries and changes should be emailed to  

As always, there is prize swag for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of each contest.  We are talking MHR T-shirts, mugs and more.   And for the first place winner, we even have some autographed collectibles from the unofficial "commemorative-player" for the 2009 Draftivus.

Also, just like in the last contest post, the identity of our "secret Broncos autograph" is hidden in this post as well.  If you can find him and figure out who he is, email and tell us who it is and how you figured it out.  If your eyes are sharp enough, and if you get it right, you'll get a 10pt bonus awarded to any one entry of your choice.

We have gotten lots of great entries into both of the previous contests, including some longtime MHR Bronco lurkers who are now contributing regularly, and several more that have shared their thoughts with you already in the fanposts.  Hopefully there will be even more members and lurkers tempted to try their hand with this latest contest, and don't forget to get your entries in for the earlier contests as well.

Oh, and there is still another contest to be announced!  Everybody is going to have a chance to get in on the winning this Draftivus!

Good luck, and I hope you are all having a Very Merry Draftivus!