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MHR Community Mock Draft Pick #40

With the #40 pick in the 2009 MHR Community Mock Draft, the Oakland Raiders select....


Oakland Raiders

Round 2, Pick #40 overall

GM V. Money

Details of the pick after the jump...

Always doing things the hard way...

From GM V.Money: On paper, Eben Britton is the safe choice here. He provides the Raiders with a left tackle who has first-round talent, gives Jamarc...Jeff Garc...the Raiders' starting quarterback with time to throw, opens up holes for Darren McFadden, and provides all-around health insurance for Russell and McFadden, fat contracts and all. But his arm length is a sign of concern. Even though he is 6'6", 32 1/2' guns tell me that he won't quite be able to play like someone 6'6".

Offensive line can wait until later. Until then, Oakland continues to address its run defense with an every-down end who, with first-round talent, is not as much of a steal as Jackson, but is still a value nevertheless. He is an ideal complement to first-round pick Busari Raji Jr. if he can be a consistent contributor at defensive end. And even if that doesn't pan out, he could still end up at outside linebacker. After all, the linebackers on the roster aren't cutting it either.

The only thing that could possibly make this trade bad is if management had a bone to pick with La...Lan...Monty Kiffin's less talented son, who, after so much time in California, is acting more like a Hollywood diva than the Vols head coach.


Commish's Thoughts: Ayers could be a major steal in this draft, even dropping to the raiders at #40. He is one of the top technicians in the draft, and every indication is that his smarts and leverage will translate to the pros with a little polish. They say it takes 3 years for a Dlineman to mature in the NFL, but Ayers is a prospect who might be able to contribute positively immediately.



The Green Bay Packers are up next.

The deadline for this pick is MIDNIGHT MST, April 19th. As long as I receive the pick by that time it will be valid. To send me the pick, just email me at the address shown in my profile.

Green Bay Packers

Round 2, Pick #41 Overall

GM Broncosorbust


Round One

  1. Detroit Lions: McDah OLB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest
  2. St.Louis Rams: 53guys OT Jason Smith, Baylor
  3. Kansas City Chiefs: Papisan DE/OLB Brian Orakpo, Texas
  4. Seattle Seahawks: Denver_Native OT, Eugene Monroe, Virginia
  5. Cleveland Browns: Zappa WR, Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech
  6. Cincinnati Bengals: DukeTC OT, Michael Oher, Ole Miss
  7. Oakland Raiders: V. Money DT/NT, BJ Raji, Boston College
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars: gunnermc QB, Matt Stafford, Georgia
  9. Green Bay Packers: Broncosorbust OLB, Clay Matthews, USC
  10. San Francisco 49ers: Elway's Ghost DE/OLB, Everette Brown, Florida St.
  11. Buffalo Bills: Rep56 TE, Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma St.
  12. Denver Broncos: broncofan91 OLB, Brian Cushing, USC
  13. Washington Redskins: Chawkins06 DE Aaron Maybin, Penn St.
  14. New Orleans Saints: gnarlybroncodude DB, Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio St.
  15. Houston Texans: PredominantlyOrange WR, Jeremy Maclin, Missouri
  16. San Diego Chargers: Sadaraine ILB, Rey Maualuga, USC
  17. New York Jets: danelama QB, Mark Sanchez, USC
  18. Denver Broncos (from Chicago): Combat Chuk RB, Knowshon Moreno, Georgia
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: OrangeCrush4082 QB, Josh Freeman, Kansas St.
  20. (Dallas Cowboys) Lions: BDAWKisaBRONC OT, Andre Smith, Alabama
  21. Philadelphia Eagles: ejruiz WR, Hakeem Nicks, UNC
  22. Minnesota Vikings: War Eagle Aubie WR, Percy Harvin, Florida
  23. New England Patriots bronco-Maine-iac LB, James Laurinaitis, OSU
  24. Atlanta Falcons: Stovie47 DT/DE, Peria Jerry, Ole Miss
  25. Miami Dolphins: adamriggs CB, Sean Smith, Utah
  26. Baltimore Ravens mla2131 CB, Vontae Davis, Illinois
  27. Indianapolis Colts: chikndnn DT, "Ziggy" Hood, Missouri
  28. (Carolina Panthers) Eagles: bcfunk RB, Chris Wells, Ohio St.
  29. New York Giants: Russ WR, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland
  30. Tennessee Titans: Broncoman DT/DE, Jarron Gilbert, San Jose St.
  31. Arizona Cardinals: Calibroncoboy OLB, Larry English, Northern Illinois
  32. Pittsburgh Steelers: PABroncofan OT, William Beatty, Connecticut

Round Two

  1. Detroit Lions: McDah RB, Donald Brown, Connecticut
  2. New England Patriots bronco-Maine-iac OLB, Connor Barwin, Cincinnati
  3. St.Louis Rams: 53guys DT, Ron Brace, Boston College
  4. Cleveland Browns: Zappa FS, Louis Delmas, Western Michigan
  5. Seattle Seahawks: Denver_Native C, Max Unger, Oregon
  6. Cincinnati Bengals: DukeTC DE, Tyson Jackson, LSU
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars: gunnermc WR, Brian Robiskie, ohio St.
  8. Oakland Raiders: V. Money DE, Robert Ayers, Tennessee
  9. Green Bay Packers: Broncosorbust ON THE CLOCK
  10. Buffalo Bills: Rep56 ON DECK
  11. San Francisco 49ers: Elway's Ghost
  12. Miami Dolphins: adamriggs
  13. New York Giants: Russ
  14. Houston Texans: PredominantlyOrange
  15. New England Patriots bronco-Maine-iac
  16. Denver Broncos: broncofan91
  17. Chicago Bears: Combat Chuk
  18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: OrangeCrush4082
  19. Dallas Cowboys: BDAWKisaBRONC
  20. New York Jets: danelama
  21. Philadelphia Eagles: ejruiz
  22. Minnesota Vikings: War Eagle Aubie
  23. Atlanta Falcons: Stovie47
  24. Miami Dolphins: adamriggs
  25. Baltimore Ravens mla2131
  26. New England Patriots bronco-Maine-iac
  27. Carolina Panthers: bcfunk
  28. New York Giants: Russ
  29. Indianapolis Colts: chikndnr
  30. Tennessee Titans: Broncoman
  31. Arizona Cardinals: Calibroncoboy
  32. Pittsburgh Steelers: PABroncofan