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Horse Tracks 4/19/09


DB - LaMont Jordan, Eddie Royal and Peyton Hillis all spoke following Saturday's mini-camp. Gray Caldwell recaps. Jordan has a lot of respect for Josh McDaniels, Royal likes that he'll get to move around within the offense, and Hillis says he's always going to get better.

Y! - Pat Graham from the AP details Hillis' presser.

DP - Klis breaks down the draft by position, listing top prospects on offense and the Broncos' needs at each spot. Klis does the same for the defensive prospects.

DP - LJones looks at the Broncos' running-back competition.

DP - Captain Obvious Kiszla says the upcoming draft is big for Coach McDaniels.

DP - Klis points out that Ryan Clady would have hit it big in this year's draft had he stayed in school, and the Broncos are obviously lucky he chose not to.

DP - Klis has notes on the WRs and the demand for hybrid end/linebackers.

LTC - Brian Howell writes about Elvis Dumervil's Friday presser.

FWST - Ray Buck profiles former Broncos coach Dan Reeves.

KCS - Tony Gonzalez, Brian Waters and Mike Vrabel did not work out at the Chefs' mini-camp yesterday.

KCS - Adam Teicher reports on Chefs QB Matt Cassel.

KCS - Kent Babb looks at the practice by NFL teams of examining players' psyches.

KCS - Joe Posnanski examines mock drafts.

SI - New Chefs linebacker Zach Thomas claims he signed in KC because he thinks the team can win now. Of course, maybe it's because only a 2-win team would sign an short, over-the-hill LB who's going on 36.

SDUT - While coaches and players speak in Denver, the arrogant self-important egomaniac GM A.J. Smith gets entire pressers and articles.

SDUT - And, another! Kevin Acee evaluates Smith's past drafts with the Dolts. How many times do you think Smith will read that article? I'll say 15...

SFC - David White looks at the Raiders' biggest draft needs.

SFC - As usual, the Raiders are more interested in on-field talent than they are concerned about off-field issues.

NFL - WR Torry Holt and the Jaguars are working toward a contract.

NYT - The Times profiles the best personnel man in the business (for my money) in Ozzie Newsome.

NFL - Steve Wyche breaks down the top-7 safeties entering the draft.

NFLN - Mike Mayock examines his top-5 safety prospects.

NFL - Here's's summary of the top draft prospects at each position.