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Waking up today with the sharp pain of sadness

I am a loyal resident of Broncos Country
I am a loyal resident of Broncos Country

It appears that Jay Cutler will be traded, and soon.  Some reports have a deal getting done as soon as Friday.  There's been enough talk about blame, about who is at fault, and why things have gone the way they have.  In the end, I believe some things can just happen, that a series of events can lead one spiraling downward, no blame necessary.  There will be talk of the bounty the Broncos hope to receive and of hope that the bounty will quickly turn around a bad football team.  There will be renewed excitement as we approach the NFL Draft.

For me, today, there is sadness.  Not because of Jay Cutler getting traded, not because the team seems to be in chaos.  No, those things will work themselves out.  I am a member of Broncos Country and right now Broncos Country is hurt, wounded.  We are a family, those of us who reside in Broncos Country, and when one of us hurts we all hurt.  Like all families there are disagreements, there are times when our loyalties are put to the test.  While it is a business for all of them, it is much more for us.  Yes, I am a resident of Broncos Country, in sickness and in health, in good times and bad times, til death do us part.

The Jay Cutler saga might be the most divisive time in our history.  Tensions are at an all-time high and the threat of civil war is real.  That saddens me.  As a fan base, we are all we have.  Am I my brother's keeper?  Yes I am.

I have made my opinions on this whole thing clear from Day 1.  I want Jay Cutler to be our quarterback but that doesn't appear it will happen.  His comments last night, "I never wanted to get traded," they hurt me as well. 


I have always felt Jay to be a good person.  He had done much in the Denver community with regards to charity and his public battle with diabetes makes him a genuine hero and role model to millions.  He is outspoken and emotional, yes, but I also feel when approached as he was last night, impromptu, that he speaks the truth, or at least what he believes to be the truth at that moment.

Yes, Jay Cutler is a good person that has been getting bad advice for a long time.  Perhaps only now he is realizing that no matter what he goes on to do in his NFL career, this saga will stick with him, that he will always be a polarizing figure, that he will always be divisive within Broncos Nation.

That saddens me.  We can do something about it, however.  Regardless of your feelings on the matter.  No matter who you place the burden of blame upon, you are my brother.  We are all hurting now and we all deal with the pain and feeling of vulnerability differently.  I am there for you, as many of your fellow Broncos fans are.  Am I my brothers keeper?  Yes I am.

This has tested us, in a way that, as Broncos fans, we have never been tested before.  Some will chose to leave Broncos Country.  If so, I wish you well and will welcome you back home at any time.  We are family.  For those of us that remain, be there for each other and allow those who have been hurt by this to heal in their own time. Fans of other teams see this vulnerability and are looking to attack.  We must stay strong and remember what is important.  We all bleed orange and blue. 

So, fellow Broncos fans, take a deep breath and feel pride for your Country.  We might be down, but we will never be out.  No matter what happens we'll always have the Broncos, and each other, on Sunday afternoons.

Am I my brothers keeper?  Yes I Am!

Go Broncos!