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Champ Bailey discusses his thoughts on the Jay Cutler saga

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We've been waiting to hear from one of the team leaders regarding the Cutler situation, and one has spoken.  Sure, you might think he is towing the company line, but Champ is one of the few players on the Broncos that has earned the clout to say whatever the hell he wants.

Bailey appeared on 2 Live Stews on WQXI in Atlanta to discuss the Cutler situation.  Here is the important stuff -

Champ’s take on the Jay Cutler Situation:

“I was a little surprised in the beginning because you’ve got a quarterback coming off his first Pro Bowl and with all of this ahead of him. He’s got so much potential to be one of the greatest. It shocked me at first but if you let it soak in a little you have to understand that it’s a business and guys are going to do whatever they want to make their team better or whatever makes the coach comfortable, that’s what he’s going to do. Him (Coach McDaniels) trying to get a guy (Matt Cassel) that he brought up from day one, I mean, its understandable.”

On what kind of locker room guy Jay Cutler is:

“He’s a likeable guy. He has a different personality than what most people would be used to. He’s still a great football player, prepares well. Whoever gets him he’s going to be great for them. They know what they’re getting. The downside of it is we don’t know what we’re going to get. Regardless of what you get on paper, whether it’s a first round pick, or a number one pick, whatever it may be, you still have to depend on the potential of that draft pick, or if it’s a player we bring in, you never know what you’re going to get.”

Did Champ see this possible trade coming?

“No I never saw it coming. The thing you have to understand is business, anybody is expendable. There’s always going to be a point in your career where teams try and get rid of you. It’s not a surprise to us. There are 31 other teams that might want you. It’s not a surprise to us, I mean we didn’t expect him (Jay Cutler) to do that, and he didn’t consult with anybody, but you know, it happens. It happens all the time, more than people think. This one just happened to get out.”

Just some more to chew on as this whole thing keeps on keepin' on!