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Let the healing begin, Broncos Country. Stand tall, stand proud

And so it is done.  Jay Cutler is officially an Ex-Denver Bronco.  This post is not going to dwell on the past, enough has been said about that already ad nauseum.  I am going to avoid talking about the future as well, at least diving into the analysis of what the Broncos should do with what is reported to be 5 picks in the Top-100 of this year's NFL Draft.  No, for one second I am going to focus on the here and now and what could be.

It is time to let the healing begin Broncos fans, time to galvanize.  For some it will be time to wear orange of another color, and I respect that.  There was definitely a segment of the population that was more Pro-Cutler than Pro Broncos.  That happens sometimes.  The important thing is for those of us that are Denver Broncos fans come together and rally behind the team.  We are all Broncos fans, for better or worse.  If you no longer wish to be I completely understand.  Just don't try to bring anyone with you.

Pat Bowlen, a man who has led the Broncos for the past quarter-century, has decisively let everyone know that Josh McDaniels and Brian Xanders are in charge.  He has let both the fans and the team know that.  Be part of the program or be gone, that is the message.

I am certain there will be Fan Post after Fan Post bashing Cutler or bashing McDaniels.  I ask you to refrain because it serves absolutely no purpose but to divide.  There are some that have made that their goal, to divide us.  Be bigger than that, see through it and conquer it.

The Broncos will be okay.  Championship football teams are built through the draft and the Broncos have plenty of high-end picks to make something happen.  You'll hear that they have to draft a quarterback, don't listen.  The Patriots have used 6th- and 7th-round quarterbacks to win a lot of football games over the years.  Josh McDaniels had a lot to do with both.  He was, after all, the Gary Kubiak to Tom Brady's John Elway. 

The Broncos will have the opportunity to turn around the defense instantly and McDaniels, for better or worse, will go into battle on Sundays with the quarterback he feels comfortable with.

LIke I said, there will be time to dive into all of it, and I plan to.  For now, however, sit tight and take it all in.  I think and react a lot better when I don't knee-jerk to something.  Josh McDaniels will be talking to reporters at 11AM MST tomorrow. will be streaming it live.  If you can, watch it and base an opinion on what you hear, in its entirety, not through sound-bytes and what some talking head wants you to believe.

I will be on top of it if you can't listen and I will give it to you straight, the way I always do.  Because I am one of you.  We are together in this and will get it done together.