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Is Brady Quinn still on Broncos radar??

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Leave it the folks in Cleveland to start rumor and inuendo.  Tony Grossi, Cleveland's version of Mike Klis, wrote a blog entry on today that sparked my interest.  He spoke of the Beat Writer's Mock Draft that was recently heald and of his pick for the Browns at #5 - USC QB Mark Sanchez

There are reports of Washington and Denver salivating over Sanchez. It's possible either team could trade ahead of the Browns and take Sanchez at No. 3 or No. 4. If that happened, I believe the Browns would be in a favorable position to trade the No. 5 pick for extra picks. Curry and one of the top offensive tackles would command interest.

I believe Eric Mangini favors extra draft picks over most any player at No. 5, Curry included.

The big mystery to me is what Mangini would do if Sanchez fell to him at No. 5. Would he take the USC quarterback and "redshirt" him one year behind Derek Anderson? Or would he pass up Sanchez for extra picks in a trade?

I picked Sanchez in this mock only because I had to make a pick. We'll see what Mangini does on Saturday.

Yes, the same Sanchez that the Broncos flew to California today to put through a workout, sans Josh McDaniels.

Ok, so that is vaguely interesting to us Broncos fans.  The next comment, however, definitely caught my eye --


Incidentally, the beat writer for the Denver Broncos said that Brady Quinn's name has come up recently inside the team's headquarters.

Coach Josh McDaniels publicly stated he would base some decisions in the draft on evaluations of the team's first minicamp, which was held this week. The minicamp was McDaniels' first chance to view up close his quarterback hopefuls, Kyle Orton and Chris Simms.

Yes, you read that correctly.  The "Broncos Beat Writer" that Grossi is referring to has to be Klis, I'd imagine, and he essentially tells Grossi that Quinn's name has resurfaced inside the Dove Valley compound.

How realistic is this?  In my opinion it could be a definite possibility.  The Broncos were reportedly interested in Quinn, and Jay Cutler reportedly wanted nothing to do with playing for Eric Mangini.  A Broncos/Bears trade involving Cutler would do little to change that.

Add that to the fact the Josh McDaniels has spent time with both of his incumbent QBs, and it isn't outside the realm of possibility that the Broncos could still have an interest in Quinn.

There was one small tidbit from Grossi's post that I do disagree with --

The beat writer thinks drafting a quarterback or trading for Quinn will amount to an admission of error by McDaniels in trading Jay Cutler. But he doesn't think it's out of the realm of possibility. The Broncos own picks No. 12 and No. 18.

If it was Klis that said this, he's dead wrong.  A trade for Quinn now, after the Cutler trade, does nothing to admit the Broncos were wrong to make the move.  The Cutler situation was a personality thing, and in my opinion an off-the-field conflict, that the Broncos felt they had to address.  They took the best deal possible at the time.

Now, if they think they can improve the team by dealing for Quinn, so be it.  I'm not advocating it, just saying that one move doesn't necessarily need to be tied to, or be a statement about, the other.

In 3 days it will all become known, and MHR will have you covered!