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Mile High Report Draftivus Contests Recap and Raffle Announcement

 We've received a lot of entries to our multiple MHR Draftivus contests.  The deadline for getting in your 7 round Broncos Mock, your 32 pick 1st round mock, and your Top Twelve Picks Mock is Tonight at Midnight, MST.

In addition, it is my pleasure to announce a series of Draftivus Raffles, which will be occurring all throughout the day tomorrow and Sunday.  Anyone can enter, but there is a catch:  you'll need to be hanging out in the MHR Draft Open Threads.

How it will work:  Anytime before the Broncos pick let it be known who you think the Broncos will take and announce it in the open thread (you were going to be doing that anyway, right?).  Everybody who tosses out a guess will get entered into a drawing (which will be held at the first available opportunity), and the winner of the drawing will get some MHR swag.  And if you guess it right?  All the members with a correct guess will get entered into an additional "winner's circle" drawing for yet another chance at some MHR goodies.

There will be a new raffle held for every single pick of the Broncos, whether they trade up or trade down or whatever!  Right now that means there could be as many as ten more winners by the time Sunday finishes off!

Pretty simple, right?  All you have to do is show up, and you have a chance.  So remember to stop in regularly to the MHR Open Threads.  Its a great place to hang out during the draft, and you know you will be getting some of the best Broncos-centric commentary and analysis that is available anywhere in the world.

I'll see you all tomorrow!  Happy Draftivus everyone!