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2009 NFL Draft Open Thread--Round One

 2009 NFL Draft
Round/Pick Team
Player, Position, School Comments
QB Matthew Stafford, Georgia  Stafford has impressive skills, and the Lions needed to make this pick.  Stafford didn't really have to carry his team at UGA, as talented as they were, so it remains to be seen how he does in such a talent-poor situation. 
LT Jason Smith, Baylor  Smith is an impressive athlete, and a good player on tape.  By my evaluation, he isn't as good as Clady, Otah, or Long last season, but he's ahead of Chris Williams and Sam Baker.  In this Draft, Smith is fine as the 2nd Pick. 
DE Tyson Jackson, LSU  This is not surprising, considering the team has been leaking this to the media for a week, so as to limit the criticism for reaching.  Jackson is talented, and will fit well in the scheme that KC is implementing.  This is philosophy over value, because there are better players available. 
SLB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest  here is a lot to like about this pick.  Curry is a player who can help Seattle compete with Arizona for a division title now.  I think Curry is an instant upgrade over the departed Julian Peterson, and I credit Seattle for doing something smart here. 

Due to comments, a new Draft Thread has been opened.