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2009 NFL Draft Open Thread--Round One Pt. 3

 2009 NFL Draft
Round/Pick Team
Player, Position, School Comments
QB Matthew Stafford, Georgia  Stafford has impressive skills, and the Lions needed to make this pick.  Stafford didn't really have to carry his team at UGA, as talented as they were, so it remains to be seen how he does in such a talent-poor situation. 
LT Jason Smith, Baylor  mith is an impressive athlete, and a good player on tape.  By my evaluation, he isn't as good as Clady, Otah, or Long last season, but he's ahead of Chris Williams and Sam Baker.  In this Draft, Smith is fine as the 2nd Pick. 
DE Tyson Jackson, LSU  This is not surprising, considering the team has been leaking this to the media for a week, so as to limit the criticism for reaching.  Jackson is talented, and will fit well in the scheme that KC is implementing.  This is philosophy over value, because there are better players available. 
SLB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest  There is a lot to like about this pick.  Curry is a player who can help Seattle compete with Arizona for a division title now.  I think Curry is an instant upgrade over the departed Julian Peterson, and I credit Seattle for doing something smart here. 
 QB Mark Sanchez, Southern Cal You have to hand it to the Jets for doing what it takes to get their guy.  Sanchez seems to be a guy who can be successful under the NYC microscope.  He's more likely to play right away than Stafford, due to the lack of good incumbent options for the Jets.

For the Browns, they got a nice haul for the pick, and it was pretty unconventional, favoring players over picks.  Well-played by both teams.
T Andre Smith, Alabama  This is a Bengals type of O-Lineman, and he will be good for a lot of years.  He's not really the quick-footed guy you usually see on the Left, but he's physically dominant.  He's like Jake Long.  Cincinnati did well here, assuming he grows up and does the right things. 
WR Darius Heyward-Bey, Maryland Al Davis takes the second-coming of Ashley Lelie.  Evidently, he's not satisfied with only having the first-coming on his roster.  An "interesting" pick, like Mike Mayock said. 
 LT Eugene Monroe, Virginia Monroe is very good in pass protection, and very well-coached.  He comes from a UVA program which has been churning out good pro offensive linemen.  Jacksonville had a huge need on the O-line, and made a great value pick here. 
 NT BJ Raji, Boston College The Packers bolster their new 3-4 scheme with the addition of the Draft's best NT.  Their priorities are questionable, as they have the worst OT situation in the NFL, and Michael Oher is still on the board, but Raji is a great pick for shoring up the defense. 
WR Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech  rabtree is going to be terrific in San Francisco.  The 49ers just hit a homerun with this pick.  The delicious part is that he's right across the bay from Oakland, and will serve as a constant reminder of Al Davis's foolishness. 
DE Aaron Maybin, Penn State  aybin has a great first step, and plays with a high motor, but he can't really play right away.  This is about projection to what he could be more than what he is right now.  For my money, Brian Orakpo and Robert Ayers are both better.
RB Knowshon Moreno, Georgia 

This isn't the direction I would have gone, but Moreno is an impressive young talent.  Zappa and Steve O' are happy, and if they're happy, I can be a little happy too.   The idea seems better as the minutes go by, and this gives us reason to hope for a very potent running game in 2009.

DE Brian Orakpo, Texas  Orakpo will be a good player in the Redskins scheme.  This is a case of taking the best player available.  The Redskins showed pretty rare discipline (for them) staying in their spot, and not mortgaging the future for Sanchez. 
DB Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State  enkins lacks the speed to play man-to-man at CB in the NFL, but he can be a good player if the Saints play a lot of zone.  Jenkins' long-term future is probably at S.
LB Brian Cushing, Southern Cal  ushing will be a key piece of what is shaping up to be a talented Houston front-7. Houston is on its way to being a winning team, and Cushing will be a big part of that ascendancy. 
 DE/OLB Larry English, Northern Illinois This is a pretty smart pick for the Chargers, and signals that they won't be paying big money to Shawne Merriman after this season.  Hey, somebody has to get stoned by Ryan Clady, right?  You could do worse than English for that job. 

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