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2009 NFL Draft Open Thread--Round Two

 2009 NFL Draft
Round/Pick Team
Player, Position, School Comments
FS Louis Delmas, Western Michigan Delmas will be a very good player for the Lions.  He is really tough in run support, and hits very hard.  Guru isn't a fan of the Lions' draft so far, but I am.  (This is Ted on the comments, for those who can't tell.)
SS Patrick Chung, Oregon  A thumper who can eventually replace Rodney Harrison at Strong Safety.  A nice pick. 
MLB James Laurinaitis, Ohio State  This is a guy who fits the 4-3 scheme that Steve Spagnuolo favors.  I'm not surprised that he was more highly valued here than Maualuga. 
WR Brian Robiskie, Ohio State  The Browns take a hometown guy, who played for Chagrin Falls High School, and Ohio State University.  The Browns are replacing Donte Stallworth with this pick, and really, getting a better possession guy. 
CB Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest  I love Alphonso Smith!!!! This guy has tremendous ball skils and anticipation, and will always be among the league leaders in INTs as a Number 2 CB.  He's a starting nickelback right now.  This is a great pick. 
MLB Rey Maualuga, Southern Cal  This might be a really good pick for the Bengals, and everybody knows I am not a Rey lover.  His college teammate/babysitter Keith Rivers is already in Cincinnati, which may help him get acclimated.  I would be somewhat hopeful if I were a Bengals fan.
RT Eben Britton, Arizona  The Jags are beefing up their O-Line for the future.  Britton is an RTO, but you don't need him to play the left side when you already drafted Eugene Monroe. 
 NT Ron Brace, Boston College This is a hedge against losing Vince Wilfork in Free Agency after this season.  This is a classic New England plan-ahead pick. 
CB Darius Butler, UConn  The whole world knew that Bill Belichick wanted Butler, and he got his man.  He will be the nickelback this season, and replace Shawn Springs after a year or two. 
 CB Jairus Byrd, Oregon The son of former Charger Gill Byrd.  Like with any slow CB, I'm not really much of a fan. 
 DE Everette Brown, Florida State Memo to Jamie Dukes:  Florida State is NOT the Harvard of the South.  It may not even be among the top 5 academic schools in the state of Florida.  Everette Brown is a 40 front end, who is going to a good situation for his growth and development.  He's a little Jarvis Moss-like, but the Panthers system makes me think he'll do pretty well there.
 QB Pat White, West Virginia Here is a guy who can play in the (real, actual) Wildcat for a year, and eventually challenge Chad Pennington for the starting job at QB.  He's a better thrower than people thought, but a developmental prospect.
LB Clint Sintim, Virginia Very interesting pick here.  The Giants like to blitz with the strongside LB from a 4-3, and you have to think Sintim would be well-suited for that, coming from UVA's 3-4 scheme.
DE/LB/TE Connor Barwin, Cincinnati A great athlete, but maybe not ready to play yet.  He will be a big-time contributor later though.
S Mike Mitchell, Ohio University Another height/weight/speed reach for Al Davis.  No surprise there.