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Darcel McBath Presser



On overall impressions of Broncos

"I'm excited. I'm excited about the future, I'm excited about what's going to happen. I'm going to try to fit in and do my part on the team."

On transition from cornerback to safety at Texas Tech

"Moving to safety was a priority thing. When I moved there, I did a good job so they wanted to keep me there. Our safeties are the cornerstone of our defense, we make all the calls. After a while, I kind of got locked in that position. I stayed there and I became a pretty good player at the position."

On how his cornerback experience helped in the transition to safety

"It just helped me with my ball skills, playing deep balls. And as far as interceptions and returns, it kind of helped me because instead of playing it like a run, I was playing it more as a cover free safety and not a corner."

On playing with CB Champ Bailey and S Brian Dawkins

"I'm blessed because I get to come into a system that has two future Hall of Famers; those guys are great. My eyes are going to be wide open and I'm going to be trying to learn from those two guys. Those two guys alone, if I can pick up anything from them, I'll be a better player."

On competition faced in college (Texas Tech)

"Playing in the Big 12 I've seen some of the best receivers, some of the best talent, in the country. Playing against (Michael) Crabtree everyday... (inaudible), we had fun doing it. I enjoyed it because it was a battle everyday to get better. If he beat me, or if I beat him, it was a battle everyday to get better. I just wanted to get better everyday and playing in the Big 12, you can't help but do that. So I was happy I got a chance to play in the Big 12."