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Richard Quinn Presser

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On what he brings to the Broncos

"Right now I'm just bringing hard work. I just want to come in and do whatever I can to impact this team. Just go in fired up. I'm a little overwhelmed right now. I'm happy to be there and to go to work. I'm going to bring everything I possibly can for this team to win games."

On his catching hands and being a productive receiver in the NFL

"I truly do believe that and I am very confident in everything that I do and in my blocking as well and catching the ball."

On where he thought he might end up and if he was surprised to go in the second round

"Honestly, when the process first came along I thought maybe I would be a free agent and maybe be blessed to have the opportunity to come to a team and try out. It was a big shock and I am thankful for the people who believed in me and God is good, it's a blessing and I'm just happy to be where I am now."

On if he had a sense that any other teams were interested in him

"I had quite a few teams that showed interest. I talked to a few and took a couple of trips. I had quite a few teams come to my school and work me out. I had quite a few people come down and talk to me."

On at what point he thought he may be drafted

"After the combine, I wanted to show everybody what I could do. People didn't have an idea who I was."