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2009 NFL Draft Open Thread--College Free Agents

Get your votes in here for your favorite CFA's!!

Note:  Chart subject to correction and confirmation! 

 2009 NFL Draft
Position Player
School Comments
DL  Everette Pedescleaux   Northern Iowa  6'6" 305lbs, transferred to a small program so he could get on the field and play.  I like that he made a name for himself forcing fumbles and blocking kicks.  Nice project.
 CB  Domonique Johnson Jackson State  6'2" 198lbs, athletic and confident, who got stuck with a tweener (S/CB) label.  had team highs in INTs and pass break ups his senior year.  Some injury concerns. 
 WR  Lucas Taylor  Tennessee 6'0 189lbs, this is a rebound player who has proven he can be coached and get better.  Had a poor senior season after rocking in 2007 with Ainge behind center, and suffered through injuries and academic problems.  Is he smart enough for McD's squad?  We'll soon find out. 
 WR Nate Swift   Nebraska 6'2" 203lbs, excellent blocker, great hands, runs good routes, and can line up at any WR slot from wide to inside, and be effective.  Has been diagnosed with a rare illness, but has been in remission since he was very young. 
 LB Lee Robinson   Alcorn State 6'2" 249lbs, He is a good tackler, reads plays well and is instinctual in following the play to the ball. Like WW, one of his strongest assets is keeping blockers away from his legs and keeping hands out of his frame, which leaves him free to make the tackle at the line of scrimmage. His open-field tackling could use work however, as he doesn't consistently break down but he shows a ton of hustle and is quick to congratulate teammates, making him a respected member of the team.  
NT   Chris Baker  Hampton 6'2" 326lbs, had charcter trouble so bad he had to go to a new school to start setting things right again.  Was he successful? We'll know soon.  I knew from the first time I kicked him off my board that destiny would bring us together again.  Can't say I like it.
 FB Marquez Branson  Central Arkansas  6'2" 247lbs, this is our Hillis clone, in case the unthinkable happens.  Good receiver, excellent blocker with plenty of pop, and has experience as a true H-back.  Not as supremely talented as Hillis, but a scrappy guy who will surprise any team that takes or faces him. 
  CB  Tony Carter  FSU 5'9" 179lbs, another player who is known for an aggressive, attack the ball style, and who was successful.  Can be bullied a bit, but is a firece competitor. 
 WR  Travis Shelton   Temple 5'9" 185 lbs, basically a pure return man who set the Temple record for return yardage.  Has an NCAA best 31.30yd KOR average. 
 WR  David Grimes   Notre Dame 5'10" 178lbs, experienced 4 year contributorwho played special teams for several years before being promoted to the starting offense where he got consistently better. As a return man averaged 22 and 25 yds in his freshman and sophomore seasons, respectively.
DE  Rulon Davis  Cal  6'5" 281, former marine who transferred to Cal and flashed explosive, athletic playmaking ability.  Emerged as a team leader quickly at Cal, and has a tough, no nonsense attitude. 
P/K   Britton Colquitt  Tennessee  6'3" 205lbs, 2nd coming of Todd Sauerbraun, Colquitt has had at least four alcohol related off the field incidents, including a DUI/fleeing the scene, which was his latest transgression.  Should be in ALANON, not O&B.