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Denver Broncos Trade Up Yet Again to Take QB, Tom Brandstater, Fresno State

Well, looks like the #3 QB spot has been effectively filled. I know Ted has looked at this player and will be adding his thoughts when he gets the chance, in the meantime, here is the scouting report on him from Mocking the Draft:

6'5, 225 pounds | Fresno State | Quarterback

Strengths: Brandstater certainly looks the part. He's tall with a solid frame and knows how to adjust pre-snap. Unlike most current college quarterbacks, he goes through his progressions nicely and often looks to the second and third receiver. Protects his receivers by placing the ball in stride. Very good timing on his throws. Throwing mechanics are sound and consistent. Excellent on short and intermediate routes. According to reports, Brandstater was the most impressive quarterback throwing at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Weaknesses: In the pocket, Brandstater is a statue. He lacks any mobility and struggles to avoid sacks. If he's on the move, Brandstater has problems adjusting and releasing the ball. Is not especially poised in the pocket and will force bad throws, which turn into interceptions. Lets the long ball sail too often.

Final word: Brandstater showed intelligence and resolve at Fresno State after playing for four offensive coordinators in four years. Because of that, he's something of an unknown as a pro prospect. He has the size and mechanics to make it at the next level, but regressed some as a senior. He threw only 18 touchdowns, compared to 12 interceptions while completing less than 60 percent of his passes. Started 36 games, playing in 45.

Round projection: 4