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Horse Tracks 4/3/09

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Well, that was quick - wasn't it? Just to recap, Denver sent Cutler and a 5th-rounder (from Seattle, Kerry Colbert) to Chicago for this year's #18 overall choice, the #84 pick (3rd round), Chicago's 2010 first-rounder and QB Kyle Orton. For what it's worth, Orton was 21-12 in his career for a team with few offensive weapons.

DB - Here's the announcement from, with an updated list of the Broncos' 2009 draft choices. Josh McDaniels will speak at 11AM MST.

DP - Klis offers up quotes from Josh McDaniels, several Broncos past and present, and a timeline of what WAS the Cutler situation. By the way, Jay Cutler isn't the biggest Ron Turner fan (his new OC) - let the butt-kissing ensue!

DP - Lindsay Jones profiles Kyle Orton, who had originally committed to the CU Buffs, but instead went to Purdue.

DP - Hours before the trade, McDaniels held a team meeting to explain what had happened between him and Cutler. Meanwhile, Jay and Co. will be coming to Mile High for an Aug. 30th preseason Sunday night game.

NFL - Here's the version of the story.

DP - The Greatest Ever was saddened to hear the news of Cutler's departure.

DP - Kiszla says no player is bigger than the Broncos, and that we're all better off for it.

DP - Krieger thinks the Broncos have taken a backward step.

FOX - Jay Glazer calls in, mentions that Cutler's Denver teammates couldn't get in touch with Jay recently, either.

NYDN - Gary Myers says the Broncos never even called the Jets, even less turn down or listen to an offer.

NFLN - Charlie Casserly weighs the trade. So does Big Play Shay.

SI - Don Banks measures the deal for both teams.

ESPN - Stink and Dilfer think Denver got the better of the deal.

NFLN - Mike Mayock and Charles Davis on the draft implications.

ESPN - Pasquarelli offers some historical perspective on the trade.

SI - Peter King thinks Cutler will ultimately regret leaving Denver.

DP - Anthony Cotton talks with Mike Ditka and Shaun King about the trade.

DB - Andre' Goodman and Renaldo Hill are hoping to lead a turnaround for the Denver D.

IN - This is what Drew Litton thinks of Cutler's Denver legacy.

IN - Here's Sam Adams' recap of the deal.

CBS - Pete Prisco thinks franchise QBs are priceless.

CBS - Clark Judge thinks the Bears were better off with Kyle Orton.

NFL - Jamie Dukes says the Broncos made a gamble, but they also had no choice. That makes total sense, Jamie. Total sense.

ESPN - Pork Chop thinks Denver doesn't have their '09 QB.

DP - Jim Armstrong takes a look at all of Denver's recently departed star athletes.

DP - Anyone want a Cutler jersey? Anyone? Helloooooooooo???

DP - And, some fan reactions. This has to be the final daily update. We can hope.

NFLN - There's plenty of excitement in Chicago.

CT - Rick Morrissey thinks the Bears still have plenty of holes and questions.

FOX - Alex Marvez feels the same way.

CT - More from the Chicago side from David Haugh.

CST - Here is the Tribune's version.

CST - Rick Telander calls it the biggest trade in Bears' history.

NFL - Vic Carucci thinks the Bears are now serious contenders in the NFC.

ESPN - Wojo thinks that Cutler and the Bears had better make the playoffs.

Y! - Jason Cole looks at the Bears' end of the deal.

MST - Well, the problem for the Vikings with not getting Cutler is now they have to face him twice a year.

CPD - This feels like deja vu all over again, just not for us! Eric Mangini says the Browns never offered up Brady Quinn for Cutler.


NFL - Meanwhile, the Bears also added OT Orlando Pace, who agreed to a three-year deal.

KCS - Adam Teicher examines the Chefs' draft picture.

SFC - Darren McFadden has been named in a civil lawsuit over his role in a bar fight.

Y! - B.J. Raji reportedly failed a drug test at the Combine.

TN - The Titans have accused the Redskins of tampering with Albert Haynesworth.

ESPN - Travis Henry reached a plea agreement in his drug case.

Y! - Michael Vick's agent hopes Vick will return to the NFL in '09.