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Horse Tracks 4/4/09

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DP - Kyle Orton has already reported in with the Broncos, meeting with coaches yesterday and getting to work on learning a new system.

DP - Josh McDaniels addressed the media yesterday about the Cutler trade and preceding drama. Lindsay Jones offers a few thoughts, and some links to the audio accompany them.

DB - Here is the video from the press conference, in full from the Broncos. Also, an article about the presser from

NFLN - Rich Eisen interviews Brandon Marshall, who says he'll "follow the guys with the rings," referring to Bowlen and McDaniels. He also takes something of a shot across Cutler's bow, saying that it "means nothing to throw for 4,500 yards and 25 touchdowns and you don't win."

DP - Some more notes from the presser, plus the news that Patrick Ramsey has agreed to take Chris Simms' old role in Tennessee.

DP - McDaniels tells Woody that it's all about winning.

NFLN - The Network guys discuss the draft ramifications stemming from the trade. Mike Mayock thinks Denver will go after a QB, while Charles Davis believes Mark Sanchez is a fit.

IN - McDaniels has made it clear that jobs must be earned. Somehow, Sam Adams thinks that by not proclaiming Kyle Orton the starter, McDaniels still wants to find a QB.

IN - Lynn DeBruin's take on the press conference.

NYT - JayrocksD has this up as a FanPost, but I think it deserves note here as well - Stefan Fatsis' column on the Cutler situation is a must-read. His contacts said it all stemmed from Cutler's request for a new contract.

FOX - FOX Sports puts the Broncos on the clock for the draft, consulting with Lindsay Jones? Seriously? She actually says the Broncos could use a 1 on a WR.

DP - Armstrong offers some thoughts.

NFL - Rich Eisen interviews some QB by the name of Cutler.

ESPN - Ed Werder also interviews this Cutler guy.

DP - Anthony Cotton writes about the Chicago presser of the Broncos' former QB.

ESPN - BDawk is giving his Eagles tickets (for the Broncos' game there this season) to the guy who got fired for his Facebook posting.

SI - Jim Trotter compares the Cutler trade to the one of Eric Dickerson.

SI - Don Banks applauds teams for getting rid of their headaches.

WP - Your turn, Skins - Daniel Snyder and Co. met with Jason Campbell to tell him they still want him to be their QB. Really.

Y! - Here's Mike Silver's Friday column, much of which was spent writing about The Trade.

SN - Tony Moss thinks it will be interesting to see how Cutler performs, now that he doesn't have the best O-Line in the universe (my words).

CST - If you really want to read the Chicago take on Cutler, here is the Sun Times' Bears section. I'm not going to link the individual stories - he's a Bear, now.

CT - And here is the Tribune's Bears section.

KCS - Adam Teicher offer a video blog entry about the Chefs' #3 overall pick, again from his mother's basement in his underwear.

SFG - Have the Raiders decided to stop signing other teams' malcontents?

Y! - By the way, Todd Marinovich is back in jail.

NFL - The Giants have released WR Plaxico Burress.

AZR - Negotiations between LB Karlos Dansby and the Cardinals are heating up.

AZR - Missed this one - the Cards signed FB Dan Kreider the other day.

SI - Ross Tucker doesn't get why the Jags are thinking about drafting a QB.

NFP - Wes Bunting ranks the players outside his top 5 at each skill position.