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Horse Tracks 4/5/09


DP - Armstrong says the Broncos are well-armed for the draft, although he incorrectly calls the first time they've ever had two first-rounders. (Nice catch, studbucket)

DP - Klis offers a detailed timeline of the departure of our former QB.

DP - Klis finally says Cutler had to go. Contrary to Stefan Fatsis' sources, Klis hears that Cutler never demanded a new contract.

DP - Kyle Orton will make about 1/3 of the money Chris Simms will in 2009. Meanwhile, Bus Cook apparently told the Broncos that Cutler would never play for Eric Mangini, taking the Browns and Brady Quinn out of the trade picture.

FOX - Jeff Legwold looks at McDaniels' willingness to make tough decisions. Not as sharp as usual (getting Cutler's record wrong and discrediting the Denver O-Line), but still better than the DP guys...

CPD - I almost feel guilty passing along such terrible journalism. Maybe it's just poor headline-writing. Either way, Tony Grossi speculates that Denver could still acquire Brady Quinn for the #18 pick in the upcoming draft.

NFL - A spokesman for the NFL says the rumors of draft-eligible players failing drug tests are completely unfounded.

DO - Over in Baltimore Colts territory, they're hoping we feel the pain they felt 26 years ago.

DP - Kiszla responds to some emails about our former QB.

DP - Meanwhile, Armstrong shares the contents of his inbox.

ESPN - For what it's worth, Pork Chop considers some of the Broncos' first-round possibilities.

CST - In Santa Claus, the citizens are talking up our former QB.

KCS - The Chefs have a lot of work to do toward gaining back their fans.

SFG - For some reason, the Raiders aren't scheduling private workouts with the top draft prospects, as they had in the past.

Y! - The Rams signed QB Kyle Boller to be the backup for Marc Bulger.

HC - Kubes and Co. have agreed to terms with free-agent LBs Cato June and Buster Davis.

FOX - Old friend Ephraim Salaam is scheduled to visit the Lions.

NFL - Byron Leftwich may be going home to Washington to be a Redskin.

NFL - I can't find the dedicated link, but on Rhett Bomar explains that his favorite QB and the reason he wears No. 7 is for The Greatest Ever.

CBS - Rob Rang looks at the players he says helped and hurt themselves in their pro-day workouts.

NFL - Steve Wyche foresees Denver getting B.J. Raji and James Laurinaitis in his latest mock draft.