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Horse Tracks 4/6/09


Good morning, friends - nothing from the DP today, but Peter King's Monday column is an absolute must-read, and Gary Miller interviewed Kyle Orton at DIA. Have a great Monday!

SI - King offers the details on how The Trade went down, as told by Bears GM Jerry Angelo. According to King, Josh McDaniels thinks he can win with Kyle Orton. During the trade negotiations with Chicago, McDaniels met with Knowshon Moreno, Brian Orakpo and Tyson Jackson. Later, King chats with Orton.

CBS4 - Gary Miller caught up with Orton at DIA yesterday. Video here. The accompanying article is here.

NFL - Here was Pat Kirwan's look at the draft needs of the AFC West teams (I think I had missed this one).

DDN - The Dayton Daily News is hearing that both the Bengals and Broncos are "very high" on RB Knowshon Moreno.

ESPN - Former Bronco Mark Cooper uses fishing to fulfill his need for competition.

NFP - According to NBC Bay Area, the Raiders are deep into discussions with QB Jeff Garcia, who would compete with JaMarcus Russell for the starting job.

BG - Mike Reiss offers a solid collection of NFL notes, including his evaluation of the Cutler trade.

NYDN - Gary Myers also put together some notes, including a timeline of the Cutler story.

NFL - The Vikings and CB Antoine Winfield are discussing a contract extension.

NFP - Wes Bunting takes a look at DE Aaron Maybin of Penn State.

CBS - Clark Judge examines the Bears' draft needs.

Scout - In their latest mock draft, has Denver trading all the way up to #3 with the Chefs to get Matthew Stafford.