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Horse Tracks 5/10/09


Happy Mother's Day, MHR Friends! Another slow news day, so we'll soil the front page again with some Chefs and Raiders news.

DP - Klis writes about the Broncos' turnover at the defensive-coordinator position, and about Brett Favre. Can't think of things to write, apparently...

TSN - Real Scouts ranked Ryan Clady the top offensive tackle in the league. Thanks to Boydy and Bear for the links. Here is their ranking of the top guards. Props to Randall for that one.

FOX - Adam Schein thinks the pressure is on Alphonso Smith, who he loves as a player; of course, he thinks the Broncos were crazy to trade next year's first-rounder for him.

KCS - Teicher profiles two of the Chefs' top rookies, DEs Tyson Jackson and Alex Magee.

SFC - As of now, Jeff Garcia is JaMarcus Russell's backup in Jokeland. We'll see how long that lasts...

SFC - Ray Ratto is shocked the Raiders signed FB Lorenzo Neal, because he apparently is a nice guy with a positive attitude.

SFC - David White offers some notes from the Raiders' mini-camp, including an explanation from Javon Walker on his double-secret-squirrel knee surgery. Here were Part 1 and Part 2 of White's blog entries.

NFL - This one is actually kind of pathetic; it's a video clip of JaMarcus Russell talking about how impressed he is with Darrius Heyward-Bey.

ESPN - Pork Chop writes about Russell and Heyward-Bey. Here are PC's notes from the Jokeland mini-camp.

NFL - Todd Haley talks about Tyson Jackson, referring to him as "the player." I wonder if anyone's flipping out about that in the way folks were about McDaniels calling Jay Cutler "the player." Hmm, probably not. Jackson meets the press as well in this short clip.

ESPN - The Dolphins agreed to terms with undrafted C/G J.D. Quinn, who had legal problems at both Oklahoma and Montana.