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Horse Tracks 5/11/09


Good Morning, Friends! Another doozie - such a slow news day, we'll keep it all on the front page. Well, sometimes no news is actually good injuries, no suspensions, no drama. The Broncos are just busy working out, learning their new playbooks and getting ready for their next mini-camp, which begins on May 26th.

DP - David Diaz-Infante has lost his part-time job calling Broncos games on KOA. Dave Logan will apparently have a new partner who works for the station full-time.

PFW - Dan Parr goes over a few hanging questions, including the status of Brandon Marshall. As many have said, Parr thinks silence from the commissioner's office portends good things.

NFL - Rod Smith helped former Rutgers WR Kenny Britt polish his route-running skills and become the Titans' first-round draft choice.

FOX - Anyone who thinks the Broncos will enter 2009 with "pretty much the same" of anything should take a peek at this list and get back to me.

KCS - Former Missouri QB Chase Patton went to the Chefs' mini-camp on a tryout basis this weekend, and now awaits the call.

SFC - Raiders All-World CB Nnamdi Asomugha is taking on a leadership role.

SFC - Here are David White's notes from the last day of Jokeland's mini-camp. First-rounder Darrius Heyward-Bey sat out again on Sunday with a sore hammy.

NFP - Here was Mike Lombardi's Sunday column.