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Horse Tracks 5/12/09


DB - Mike Rice offers up a transcript of an interview he had with Knowshon Moreno. This has nothing to do with how good of a choice he was or what type of back he'll turn into, but you can't read/listen to this kid and not be impressed.

IN - Hunter Ansley thinks the Broncos are in pretty good shape with Kyle Orton behind center.

DP - LJones thinks we should be happy about the quiet surrounding Dove Valley. I agree.

DP - Irv Moss profiles former Broncos assistant Stan Jones, who coached the defensive line for Red Miller and Joe Collier.

CCT - Darrius Heyward-Bey didn't shatter the earth in his first pro mini-camp.

SFG - Jokeland signed WR Samie Parker after his recent mini-camp tryout.

KCS - Here's a clip of Todd Haley's presser at the end of the Chefs' latest mini-camp.

NFP - Matt Bowen is surprised the Chefs and Scott Pioli drafted a few guys not known to be the hardest of workers.

NFL - Da Bears have signed former Lions TE Michael Gaines to a one-year deal.

AP - Minnesota is still interested in Brett Favre, according to team president Mark Wilf.

NFL - The Vikings and their star 5'9" cornerback (yes, they exist) Antoine Winfield have reached an impasse in contract talks.

NSL - Jets RB/KR Leon Washington is unhappy with his contract and skipped the first day of OTAs.

NFL - Bucky Brooks looks at the top remaining veteran free agents and offers up some possible destinations for them.

NFP - Mike Lombardi offers some more thoughts on Kubes' Texans, and on Drew Rosenhaus.

SI - Peter King ranked the NFL teams from top to bottom, plopping the Broncos down at #20. He gets in a shot for his boy Mike Leach (Hey PK, Leach would have made just as much cash money in Denver as Lonie Paxton, or negligibly less).

FOX - Alex Marvez plots out Michael Vick's path to an NFL return, among some other thoughts.

ESPN - John Clayton managed to write a column and answer some emails without dumping on the Broncos. I'm sure I'll be hearing from the self-proclaimed MHR ombudsmen for that one...

NFL - Pat Kirwan thinks unsigned veterans should get to play in a worldwide barnstorming tour to promote the NFL around the globe.

NFP - Andrew Brandt considers how the weak economy has affected football.

NFP - Wes Bunting ranks his third tier of 20 prospects for the 2010 NFL Draft.