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Horse Tracks 5/16/09

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DB - Broncos TV provides an interview with Robert Ayers from the day of his introductory presser in Denver. Ayers says he expected to be drafted by the Broncos and is excited to share a uniform with Knowshon Moreno.

BG - Lonie Paxton leaves big shoes to fill in New England, although Nathan Hodel is an excellent long-snapper in his own right. Hodel refers to Paxton as a "cult icon."

WEEI - Another article on Paxton and Hodel from Boston's sports radio.

NFP - Strangely, Mike Lombardi thinks teams should be calling Denver about Daniel Graham. Why in the world would McD and Co. want to trade him?

AT - Here's one for the good Doctor, broncobear. Former Broncos left tackle Sam Brunelli, who started 43 games for Denver in the late 60's and early 70's, will be lobbying on behalf of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

PRW - Kory Lichtensteiger had Lasik surgery and apparently now has 20/15 vision. I know it's an advertisement, but I'm trying to bring you all of the Broncos news!

NFL - Lorenzo Neal thinks his veteran experience can help lead the Raiders back to respectability.

NFL - Bucky Brooks is impressed by Jokeland's apparent new commitment to running the football.

SFG - Well, that didn't take long - Jeff Garcia has moved very quickly from contented backup to competing for the starter's job.

SFG - Raiders LG Robert Gallery is doing some great things for the families of the four Oakland police officers who were gunned down in March.

CCT - Jon Becker looks around the web to find that the Bay Area has some of the worst owners in pro sports (what a shock!).

SDUT - Dolts WR Malcolm Floyd finally signed his one-year RFA tender.

SDUT - Kevin Acee held a chat with Dolts fans yesterday, if you care to look.

FOX - Alex Marvez looks at the Dolts' drafting of WR Demetrius Byrd, who was injured in a car accident before the draft.

NFL - The league's salary cap for 2009 will increase by $12 million, to roughly $128 million. The rise is larger than the expected $7 million bump-up.

NFL - The Colts have replaced retired coaches Tom Moore and Howard Mudd, by promoting assistant head coach Clyde Christensen to offensive coordinator and elevating offensive-line assistant Pete Metzelaars to offensive line coach.

NFL - Former Saints RB Deuce McAllister would like to continue playing; his goal is to win a championship, and would be okay with being a role player to do so.

NFL - Vic Carucci points out that regular-season records would stand to fall with the expansion of the NFL's regular season. Of course, I'm sure those older than myself will point to the expansion from 14 games and say "Been there, done that."

Y! - Mike Silver caught up with Bengals QB Carson Palmer as part of his Friday column.

SI - Ross Tucker wonders if there's really a point to signing young players to big contract extensions if they're just going to become disgruntled down the line.

NFP - Andrew Brandt considers the Cowboys' decision not to align themselves with a corporate sponsor for their stadium's name, and the return of Jason Taylor to the Dolphins.

NFP - Matt Bowen thinks the massive turnover on Indy's coaching staff is cause for concern.

NFL - Scott Hanson thinks Brett Favre is motivated by revenge, although his hearsay evidence is all a year old.

Y! - Tom Danyluk thinks Jay Cutler will do just fine with his current crop of receivers, as he expects Cutler's talent to elevate them.

NFP - Ray Gustini compares some NFL teams to the upcoming summer movies.

NFP - Wes Bunting looks at the top senior running backs for next year's draft.