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Horse Tracks 5/18/09


CSG - The Gazette profiles Broncos TE Richard Quinn. Despite the experts' predictions (and Quinn's own expectations) to the contrary, several teams were interested in drafting Quinn early in the third round; so Denver would not have been able to draft him later. Another reminder; the Broncos did not trade two third-rounders for Quinn - they dealt two third-rounders for one second and one fourth.

KCS - Adam Teicher discusses the "Patriotization" of the AFC West (Denver and Kansas City), offering up quotes from Dolts' egomaniacal GM A.J. Smith and each of the division's coaches.

ESPN - For what it's worth (probably not much), Pork Chop heard the Broncos were interested in former Texas Tech QB Graham Harrell before the Draft.

CCN - Broncos QB Chris Simms will be appearing at the Mile High Football Camp in June, along with linebackers coach Don Martindale, who will be offering instruction.

SDUT - New DC Ron Rivera is expanding the Dolts' defensive playbook. Certainly bad news, as his defenses in Chicago were quite successful...

CCT - Monte Poole thinks Jokeland QB JaMarcus Russell carries himself like someone with nothing to prove, and needs to change his act.

LAT - The NFL's owners will discuss a possible rookie salary cap in their upcoming meetings.

SI - Peter King says the league is on the verge of a deal to bring the NFL Network to Comcast, in addition to new deals with CBS and FOX.

MST - Vikings DE Kenechi Udeze has overcome leukemia and is ready for mini-camp.

SI - In his Monday column, King thinks the turnover of the Colts' coaching staff won't be that big of a deal, in the end.

NFL - Steve Wyche looks at teams he thinks are right on the edge of making the playoffs or sucking, basically.

NFL - Pat Kirwan ranks Denver 27th in his early power rankings, saying the Broncos will need two years to complete their transition to a 3-4 defense.